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    Are there any railway enthusiasts (steam or diesel)? If so what Engines do you like and what railway company do you like e.g, GWR, LNWR, LNER etc?
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    Ooohh yeah I *love* trains - both real ones and scale model ones. Personally, my favorites are CSX and Santa Fe lines, though, if I had to choose, I think the top of the list of my favorites would be Union Pacific.

    And, if it seems like something you'd be interested in, I do have my "trains group" here on the forums where rail-fans can gather and chat.

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    Detroit & Mackinac Railroad in Northeast Michigan
    Providence & Worcester in Rhode Island and Massachusetts
    and as far as International
    Frankfurt Intercity rail
    As far as Subways
    Boston (T)
    Washington DC Metro
    Chicago (L) Blue Line
    San Francisco (BART)

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    I live near a CXS line. There's a restaurant my wife and I like to go to called The Depot, an old rail depot building. They have a big, wooden model train on display. On nights that we're lucky, the train goes by. I also bike on a bike/walking trail that was made from an old abandoned rail line. There's a very tall steel trestle bridge that crosses the trail, and sometimes the train will be running over my head as I bike beneath it.

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    I'm not usually interested in trains, but for some random reason I found myself watching a training video about maintenance and fault diagnostics on Class 455 trains and... I was mesmerised by it!

    The instructions from about 4m10s are strangely fascinating and bewildering (for someone who knows nothing about trains).

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    Yes I am a "foamer"!!!

    I love the big ones and the Small ones.

    My family worked for the Southern Pacific and REA.

    So I like SP, T&NO, Cotton belt the Pacific Elelectric.

    I collect everything china, Lamps, Time tables, etc.

    I have HO scale stuff getting ready to build a lay out.

    I love to chase trains and drive by the rail lines to see what is going through town.

    The is a 1 1/2 inch to the foot scale rail road club in Molalla, Oregon that I like to take the kids to and ride the trains.

    I will second the suggestion of joining the train group that is here in the group section.


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    Love BR diesels class 31 37 50 20 and the multi versatile 73
    also SR BR electro diesel (thumpers)

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    GWR man here, all the way (which is weird considering I lived in the South East for most of my life - LOL). I've always had an interest in steam engines and preserved railways (my family has close ties with the whole thing: we've all done stuff on the line at one point or another).

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    I have been train cracked since my Dad pulled me out of bed at 1130 PM to see the 20th century limited change engines. I was three.
    Worked as a hostler and on the signal gang for the PC.

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    Diesels for me so favourite company is BR (British Rail). Took engine numbers from about 1980-87.

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