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Thread: Greetings..paddded members

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    Default Greetings..paddded members

    My padded life has mostly been spent working in the healthcare system.
    Due to surgery, I may be home indefinitely. I live in the country and love the outdoors. During our Canadian winter cold spells, I like to play PC games like Call of Duty etc...or hike the trails with my dog. My interests include swimming, playing guitar, piano and gardening. I like to stay dry while searching for new incontinence aids and special clothing, buying online and share ideas on how to stay cozy..
    With a high metabolism, i get cold fast so I prefer fleece, flannel, thick cotton athletic wear, especially snap crotch body shirts. I hope to get to know some of you, so let's be calm and diaper on!

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    thanks... I am so happy to meet others the use diapers...Up until last year, ... I have been living a secret life and hiding my golden leakage. lol

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    In real life.. all my life I have been called parents always told me to bee nice, bee kind, bee dry!

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