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    I am movie buff, go to at least 1 a week.
    Now that I am older, not necessarily. wiser, I really like the independent films, blocbuzters are ok sometimes. I saw Whiplash last week went home and preordered it at amazon, a poweeful movie.

    I love musicals, spagetti westerns, Bond. and WW2 films.

    But thats just me. the

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    That's the second recommendation I've had for Whiplash inside a week. I love movies and I'll watch most anything, depending on my mood. It's hard to pick just one genre or even harder to pick just one movie (it changes for me depending on the day). Today, I'm going to say suspense for genre and Suspicion for the movie.

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    I've never really been into movies that much. I don't know why. I used to blame the length but I feel like that can't be true. I like stories told in long for or stories told in TV shows that have longer times too. It makes me feel kind of silly.

    My tastes tend to be really nerdy, puerile, or both.

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    I adore musicals, most of my top ten favorite movies list is musicals. A large portion of my movie collection is also childrens movies, even since before I began testing the waters of abdl. I just never stopped liking them. I'm one of those people who can happily watch the same movie over and over or eat the same meal over and over, repetition is comforting instead of boring. I also have a lot of sci-fi too, though. And I have a love-fear relationship with apocalyptic stories. Love the concept, but it messes with my anxiety issues.

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    Favourite movie for me is a made-for-TV piece. Called "What The Deaf Man Heard".

    Genre preferences: Drama. Lots of character development. Very decent storyline. A little action, too.

    However, I am *NOT* a fan of RomComs.

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    I love all kinds; sci-fi, action, drama, documentaries. I just saw Still Alice which was based on a book I read by Lisa Geneva, a story of a woman who encounters Alzheimer's at an early stage in her life. My friend usually prefers small, indie films and she brings me along to whatever she wants to see. She always makes great choices so I just go with it.

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    A lot of War Movies, most modern ones I've seen, blockbusters popular comedies, tear jerkers. Intellectual treats like Interstellar, Inception and Gravity. Etc.

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