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Thread: !Sleep with. pacifier help?

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    Red face !Sleep with. pacifier help?

    Can anyone suggest a way to train myself how to sleep with my paci in my mouth through the whole night?? It is something I've been trying for close to a month but I always wake up and have to look for it...I once found it 20 feet away on the floor lol.

    I have a AwwSoCute paci and I love it.

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    Buying a paci clip and attaching it to your shirt is a start. It'll help with that whole 20 feet away dilemma, especially if you wake up in the middle of the night.

    As for keeping it in the whole night, you might not ever be able to do that. It's all about what comes naturally. I've had a paci pretty much my entire life. I use it every night, but I only wake up with it still in maybe a couple of times a week, and even then it's usually from waking up in the middle of the night to find it again. With time you'll get more used to using it in your sleep. Good luck my friend!

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    I've been able to do it ever since I got a Nuk 5.

    Was never able to before that.

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    I've no problem to sleep with paci inside all the nigt, mostly without clip. Train yourself. Clip help to no loose your paci. I'm not sure... I think after 3 weeks I was able to sleep whole night with paci inside. Really can't remember, I was 12 or 13...

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    I too have a couple of clips that I used for a short time; however I actually used them so as not to wake my wife. I first started using pacifiers to help with my bruxism. I would wake up, if and when I lost mine during the night. I also learned that I made terrible noises (grinding my teeth, clenching my jaws) when I would lose mine, thus my wife would actually hear me and find my pacifier and put it back in my mouth so I would be quite. These days, while I have also learned that my wife is not a fan of the idea of my pacifier; she recognizes that it is better than my destroying my teeth AND I seldom lose my pacifier during my sleep. I suppose you sort of just get used to it.

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    I'm going to 4th or 5th (wherever we are at now) to start by getting a paci clip. It makes it easier to feel like grabbing your paci if it has dropped out and putting it back in when it is easy to grab. Otherwise you wake up, realize it is gone, and then debate if you want to go find it. After a while you might find yourself with it in your mouth the whole night. Sometimes I do, not always though.

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    I trained on my cpap's chin strap. Just weaned off the strap recently. Now it stays in!

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    I have wondered the same thin for years , most nights I wake up looking for it once in a while its still there in the morning but I should get a baby clip I'm pretty shy and buying baby stuff is hard for me I live an a town of about 90,000 and my work I deal with a lot of the places that sells teat kind of stuff and the people that shop there , I have a hard time going anywhere with out bumping into someone who knows me even tho I don't know them I deal with the public and staff everyday

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    Hello BabyBoyd,

    You can order paci clips online from babies-r-us, walmart and other stores that have baby supplies. But babies-r-us have a TON of baby gear. And all can be ordered online and shipped to your door. No embarrassment.

    -Baby Stanley

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    thank you baby Stanley !! im not really a tech guy I'm still trying to figure out my iPhone 5 and most of all this site lol , I only bought my first diapers online a few months ago . I O U !!!!!

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