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Thread: 2015 State of Plastic Address

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    Default 2015 State of Plastic Address

    This is a thread I've been meaning to make ever since it officially became 2015. We are already at the halfway point of the 2nd decade in the 21st century and a lot of things have changed and a lot of new things are changing when it comes to diapers. I want to reflect on the state of consumer choice in the market in 2015 and on the plastic backed products still available for those of us who prefer those products.

    I want to know what products are still available in the plastic backed variety, which ones offer consumer choice between both plastic and cloth-like. I also want to take a tally of which products will remain plastic backed in the foreseeable future and which plastic backed products may be going away. Which new plastic backed products may be entering the market in the near future, and manufacturers who still offer consumer choice and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future. I also want to hear peoples hopes for the future.

    Off the top of my head, products that are still plastic backed in 2015:

    Consumer choice notes availability of both cloth and plastic backed products.

    Attends- (offers consumer choice between poly and cloth-like)

    Attends Poly

    Attends with Waistband

    Attends Slip

    Abri-Form 4 line
    SCA Hygiene-

    Dry Comfort

    Tena Slip (BIG maybe, unclear if the classics sold on save express are an officially continued production run)
    Kendall Healthcare-

    Wings Choice (consumer choice available)

    Wings Simplicity

    Super Dry Kids

    Sissy Diapers

    Cushies (consumer choice available)


    70s Style Pampers replicas


    Blanco (Bianco)


    Aww So Cute
    DC Amor
    Secure Personal Care-

    Total Dry X-Plus

    Total Dry Plus
    Kimberly Clark-

    Depend Protection with Tabs

    Dignity Plus(consumer choice available with cloth-like Compose line)

    Molicare Line -Super, Super Plus, etc.

    Protection Plus Contour

    (consumer choice available)
    First Quality-(some consumer choice with only one plastic line and several cloth-like product lines)

    IB Briefs
    McKesson-(consumer choice available)

    Staydry Poly
    Invacare-(consumer choice)

    Invacare Value Series

    Snuggies Diapers

    Principle Business Enterprises-(consumer choice)


    Tranquility Slimline

    Tranquility ATN
    Dry 24/7
    Night Proof Diapers
    And of course medical resellers like XP-Medical and NorthShoreCare entering the market with their own house brands.


    Absorbancy +
    NorthShoreCare diapers-(consumer choice)

    And that's just naming all the products available in North America in some form with the possible exception of Attends Slip and maybe Fabine

    Still a pretty big list but the future is still frighteningly uncertain. I still hope to see a demand for plastic backing in the medical incontinence market. The possibility of the plastic backed market being dominated by AB/DL manufacturers isn't so scary as lots of new companies are popping up and there may be more competition which could lead to competitive pricing and possibly some Ab/DL companies making their own more medical-centric product lines as Bambino has resold for a while with the Secure/Total Dry line. Perhaps we could see more medical resellers enter the market with their own brands.

    What do I want to see?

    I want to see more consumer choice in certain US brands that are cloth-backed exclusive.

    US TENA and Reassure among others come to mind

    I want to see Abena offer more consumer choice by reintroducing their sub-4 lines and Delta form lines in plastic-backed alongside the new cloth-like versions. I've always wanted to try the Delta Form line when they were still plastic backed. overall I want to see more consumer choice in general, less alienating consumers and phasing out one product line in favor of another. More offering options to the consumer so they can choose what they want and what will work for them.

    Edit: Unique Wellness and Superio diapers
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    I am not a fan of the cloth like covers and I'm stuck with two cases of Abena L3 cloth covered. I think I will go back to Molicare when they are gone.

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    You have left out the Unique Wellness Briefs and the Superio.

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    I'm surprised that there is even a market for 70's style Pampers replicas, if there is 70's and 90's replicas, why isn't there an 80's replica, its just a big hole in the timeline.

    EDIT: apparently those haven't been made for years, I wonder what they did with the 95% percent of unsold stock?

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    Comficare m/l10 plastic only
    Kolibri combslip plastic and cloth types
    Formacare plastic
    Delicare plastic

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    So what does everyone want to see in the future? what newcomers are introducing plastic products this year? which ones are you afraid will go away soon? What do you want to see in the future of plastic backed products in general.

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