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    My wife bless her has so much loving and understanding. I am still diapered at nights and put in plastic pants. Cloth diapering seems to be the right choice for us. It is such a relaxing feeling and so comfortable to fall to sleep wearing diapers and plastic pants. I'm still on the baby bottle and use my pacifer often. Love this lifestyle very much. I have been an ABDL all my life. Love reading the stories of others but do not have the time however.

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    Lucky, I hope I can have a relationship like that one day. Give your wife a high five for being awesome.

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    Take very good care of her there are a lot of us that would love to have some one like her.

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    my wife knows I wear diapers but has no comment.

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    you are very lucky, my wife has diapered me once in the 9yrs we have been married, i was in heaven. she is in the medical field so i had her catheterize me once too, that hurt a little but was nice laying in bead for the whole day and not worrying about getting up

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    I, myself diaper my partner as well and it is one way I can be involved with his AB/DL side.

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    My husband puts me in diapers sometimes. He still wont change me from a wet one to a dry one but its progress and I cant complain. He's come a long way from me telling him 2 and half years ago

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    Understanding and acceptance from your loving spouse is more important than participation. When put into an ackward scenario,your companion can "WIG OUT" and tread backwards and remove themselves from participating in the future.

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