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Thread: mom found half my stash

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    Default mom found half my stash

    i walked into my room and found she was digging under my bead and found an open diaper (not used) and was like "what is this" and i half was was freaking out and was like "a diaper" she was like " was it used for a prank" and i was like "yea me and some friends pranked his locker" and she believed me it was close.

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    Well what have you learned from this? Find a better hidding spot!

    But your lucky that you mom actually gave you an excuse, I've been in the same situation and lets just say I didn't handle it as well...

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    she didn't say anything when i told her she was like "oh... ok" i was like crap, though i was really lucky she said that cause i had no back up story. yea i dont really have any good hiding spots thats why i havn't gotten any diapers in like 5 months

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    I was in a simaler situation 2 years ago. My mother found an unopened pack, she didn't offer any excuses but I'm quick on my feat and i said that me and a friend were planing to play a prank on another kid by shoving them in his mail box. Luckily she believed it.

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    yea it like 5 months ago just joint so posted it :p... havn't gotten any sense because i have no real good place... anyone got some tips or recommendations?

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    I'm going to assume your age was a factor in your choice for a hiding spot, so I will let that slide...Anyway some good places I have include an old Xbox 360 box and a vintage suitcase that sits in plain sight, in the corner of my room (it's covered with magazines).

    Some other good places:
    • INSIDE your box spring (if you have one)
    • A duffel, gym, or book bag in your closet, garage, basement, etc.
    • Deep within a NEATLY ORGANIZED drawer of clothes, because if it's messy your mom will go in there to clean up!
    • Inside a computer, TV, microwave??? any appliance not in use, preferably in the storage section of your house
    • Some members have cut outs in their floors/walls to put things, good if your handy with tools:wink:

    Some BAD places:
    • household bathroom cabinets and shelves. It's generally a bad place, as it's occupied by several people, several times of the day

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    now that i think about it i have some old game box's that might work... and heres another question, pullups (the only ones ive tried) pampers size 7, goodnights, depends? seems like there are a lot of choices... i like ones that are still like diapers... my waist is 29 so.... im not to sure... out of those what are the best?

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    Can you get a prepaid card or use your parents' credit card, AND discreetly accept a package delivered to your home?

    I'd stick with goodnights for now, but please don't get depends, they're like buying diapers made from multi-layered toilet paper. If you can order online though I recommend Secure Personal Care, Dry 24/7, or XP Medical. Secure Personal Care offers their own secure diapers, while XP Medical has Abena Abri-Forms and Molicares. Both are SUPER discreet, just a plain brown box, and these are the best diapers you can get for the price. Dry 24/7 also is a great brand that made their debut about a year ago, not hard to find a good review on these. The online orders will get you the "best" of the best.

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    dude there is a sticky at the top of the teenbaby screen so ya post there is=t's called CLOSE CALLS

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