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    Do any of you have a for-real, live plushie that you really love?

    I have a 13 year old Shih-Tzu/Schnauzer mix female that dearly loves lap time and all the attention she can get, and believe me, she wants a lot! She very graciously shares her queen size bed with me, and loves to snuggle and cuddle as much as possible at night - usually ALL night! She is blond, and has a blond saddle (most Shih-Tzu's have a saddle, usually black.) but it is only about 2 shades darker than the rest of the blond. She more than suits my needs for a plushie.

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    My wife and I have a two year old golden retriever and she's quite active, but also very loving. She was doing quite well until my 93 year old mother-in-law came to stay with us over the Christmas holidays. She was sewing and our dog got the pin cushion from her. Before my wife or I knew what she had done, she had swallowed a needle. Not wanting to take any chances, I rushed her to our animal hospital where they x-rayed her. They had to operate and go into her stomach, removing the needle. Now she is recovering. It breaks my heart to see her in pain, and I'm angry with my wife's mother for not paying attention. It looks like our dog is getting better, so I'm less worried, but still.

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    I have 3 cats that are all rescues. My brother found them in a box in a dumpster out in Florida. Brought em in, it was a mom and her 2 kittens. Turns out the mom was pregnant and had some more kittens (We named her S'mores, because she had some kittens and then she had some mores XD)

    So I have the mom and 2 of the kittens she had. I love them all so much

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    I have a 9 month old white lab, whos name is Radar. I also call him Mr. swishypaws and sir snoof-a-lot the third. He is so wiggle-waggely and always wants to play! I think he is in a serious cuteness competition with my other plushies cuz he is always stealing them and hiding them in places I cant find.

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    We have a little copper colored beagle named Laura. My dad affectionately calls her Larry sometimes though. She's cute and very hyper, but is afraid of almost everything that moves.

    We had a tabby cat, Henry, when I was little and he accompanied me on my probably-way-too-dangerous elementary school adventures both inside and outside. Unfortunately, he passed away as I was just starting middle school. I still miss him.

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    I have a teddy. Who's name is Hikari.
    Hikari very cute bear. I sleeping with my teddybear. dancing and playing.

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    Pets are cool but I have to say I was expecting this to be in more of a plush suit vein

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    Pets are indeed cool, and I believe those of us who have a pet, and our plushies, are well taken care of by them (pets AND plushies!). I do not currently have a plushie, but I have loved Winnie the Pooh since I heard the first story about him millenia ages ago in about the second grade. I am searching for an older Winnie that is still in good condition, but well loved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    Pets are cool but I have to say I was expecting this to be in more of a plush suit vein
    Yeah, when I saw the topic title I immediately thought of furries who like wearing locked fursuits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FauxPas View Post
    (We named her S'mores, because she had some kittens and then she had some mores XD)
    I like that name. I have heard of some weird animal names but most make some sense when you heard the story of how the animal's name came about.

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