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Thread: What do you eat with when little?

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    Default What do you eat with when little?

    I bought a bib several months ago, and never used it...until today anyway.

    I was in the mood for spaghetti, stopped by Fazoli's, and thought this would be a great opportunity to finally put my bib to use; so I ordered it to go.

    After I got home I got dressed into something I wouldn't mind getting stained, laid a small blanket down in the floor, filled my baba with some apple juice, put my bib on, and finally dug in!

    ...I'd always been curious to try eating bare handed, and this was definitely an interesting experience. It was kinda awkward and fun at the same time.(and very messy) On one hand, I was just trying to let go and get into the roll of being a toddler. On the other hand, I kept falling back on old eating habits. If some spaghetti fell out of my hand, my body would just act on reflex and try to catch it or make it fall back on the plate.

    I'll probably do it again sometime. I'd think it would get less awkward if I got more used to it...

    Does anyone else have any similar experiences?
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    Hands for uncut meats, or anything that's easily picked up, and spoons for everything else unless I absolutely need a fork.

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    Spoon and sometimes a knife & fork, but I tend to use the Littlest cutlery I have, such as my sippy bottle and small bowls with babyish designs. I tend to cut things up really small, as well. It's the closest I can get to mashing or puréeing a meal, whilst still being able to enjoy the taste and consistency of it!

    I also wear a bib. Not only does it make me feel cute and little, it's pretty handy if I'm eating something messy like Spaghetti Bolognese or a Curry!

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    Mostly I just drink, but sometimes I eat a yogurt with a baby spoon, and every once In a while I'll put on a bib to make it more fun.

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    I put on a bib when I eat my over easy eggs for breakfast and that's about it.

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    I usually eat with my fingers period, but I like to be fed when I'm little. If I can't be fed I'll eat with regular cutlery but in my little state I hold it differently.

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    My hands... same thing I use when I'm not little... and I always get called out for it :p

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    I'm a prissy little princess, so I like things in little bites but with spoons and forks.. although sometimes I have just reached in and grabbed stuff too. Depends on if I'm in that rare enough mood. 80% of the time it's with the utensils though.

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    Little time typically means bottles for me.
    If I'm actually hungry I've been known to fill said bottle with a breakfast shake.
    I also like being spoon-fed (with baby spoon) - and have a variety of actual baby food.

    Eating spaghetti like that does sound fun though :]

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    I have little hands spoons and forks; so like toddler utensils.

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