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Thread: Short Film: Appearence and Reality

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    Default Short Film: Appearence and Reality

    Evening ADISC

    I just came across this and had to share it here! It's a short film that depicts something I found very familiar:


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    Very cute and and quite poignant.
    Pity life makes it hard for us to express our inner selves fully. Then again, at some point I guess we should be saying @< em all, and be true to ourselves.

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    Video reminds me of expectations vs reality scene from (500) days of summer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Snivy View Post
    So you can have vimeo videos instead of youtube on ADISC? That's really cool.
    Welcome to 2010 or so.

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    Great depiction about the unfortunate truth of life. When you get older you start masking your emotions, while kids get to just be all out in the open. Totally makes me think about my relationship with my parents and how I wish it would be. Not the same scenario, but the same predicament. I think it did an excellent job at relating with people.

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    I never have masked my emotions. I have always been very outgoing

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    That was a very poignant little movie. While I'm sure all of us here were delighted with the little boy whose outer and inner feelings perfectly match, I think the video is more thought-provoking for its commentary on how one can be cruel, even abusing while still smiling and putting on a veneer of politeness. Food for thought.

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    Saddest thing I've seen in a while. What would people look like if we couldn't hide what's on the inside? Glass people walking the streets, chipped and cracked in our own ways? How long before we are all statues, frozen hard by our own selves and the world? How long before that hard exterior chokes the life out of that inner self?

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    Soon as you let it, I guess.

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