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Thread: What exciting thing are YOU doing for the new year?

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    Default What exciting thing are YOU doing for the new year?

    Anyone have any awesome exciting plans for new years? I always like to hear other people plans so that I can get good ideas for next year.

    I'll start. I'm going to be sleeping in bed since I have to go to work in the morning . It's ok though, I'm not really a late night person!

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    Same here sleeping been up since 4:30 am so no late night for me

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    The whole concept of New Year's Eve doesn't do much for me. Even the New York "dropping the ball" party seems silly to me, since due to time zones and the International Date Line, it will have been the New Year for several hours across the globe.

    That having been said, this being abdl forum, does anyone on here dress up as the New Year's baby?

    Edit: While I might not get into the NYC ball drop, dropping an Indy Car is all kinds of cool:
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    Quote Originally Posted by kimnuala View Post
    What exciting thing are YOU doing for the new year?
    getting warm (our central heating conked-out just before xmas).

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    Well, I guess we are all a bunch of introverted people. Maybe all the people doing exciting things are not here because they are out doing exciting things.

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    Getting drunk.

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    Usually, I don't do much more than take note of the rolling over of the clock (and I'm fine with that). Tonight, through happy coincidence, multiple friends are in from out of state and we'll be getting together for dinner and drinks. It feels a bit odd to be doing such normal NYE stuff, but we're all ABDLs, so that might put a sufficiently different spin on it. Not sure who's going to be Baby New Year.

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    Haha, now I'm jealous. I need more abdl friends to play with.

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