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Thread: Facebook bedwetters

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    Wink Facebook bedwetters

    This might be of interest to some bedwetting enthusiasts

    It's a link to an image posted on Facebook that says "Don't use the bathroom in your dream... It's a setup". This may be of interest to anyone who enjoys casual stories about people wetting the bed. I feel like this is especially appropriate on New Year's Eve when there is likely to be a good number of people waking up tomorrow with a hangover and a wet bed .

    I stumbled upon this because a friend of mine liked the picture. I managed to start up a nice bedwetting-themed conversation with her which was pretty great. Maybe you won't be so lucky, but there are a lot of people linking there friends, so who knows!

    P.s. If anyone was interested in the content of the conversation I had with this girl she lead with "Oh man yeah as a kid worst and now every time I get up during the night I pinch myself really hard to make sure I'm awake lol" to which I replied "Haha yes. I even do that now sometimes". I really should have kept it going and tried to talk about the last accident she had.. I'm sure there have been many even recently.
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    "Waking up to a hangover and a wet bed" Hmm I'd say it is more than likely for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ST50 View Post
    "Waking up to a hangover and a wet bed" Hmm I'd say it is more than likely for me.
    Ha yes, quite right. Me too. But it is much more exciting to hear about it happening to someone who didn't plan for it, wasn't ready for it and certainly didn't want it

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    I use the toilet in my dreams a lot but never wet. Usually in my dreams if I have to actually use the toilet, I just wake up, or I dream of a bee sting to wake me.

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