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Thread: hello diapered friends

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    Default hello diapered friends

    I'm a long time lurker, but I'm looking to start posting alot more. I used to have accidents in bed, till they were "on purpose" I have always loved wearing diapers. They make me feel safe I guess.

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    They make all of us feel safe! Better than those boxer briefs

    Welcome to ADISC from a fellow Snivy!

    Can you please tell us a bit more about yourself though? Do you like Planes? Do you like Video Games? Do you like Aircraft? Do you like to Draw? Do you like to Fly?

    I hope to see you posting around the forums.

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    Yes boxers are horrible. The only reason I use them is to hide my diaper at work!

    More about myself... hmm, well I consider myself to be very shy, but funny once I Open up. I am a bit of a videogame enthusiast. I will play almost anything, but it is better when you can play with friends. I love reading mostly fantasy and sci-fi but always looking for any good book.

    I would love to say I like to fly but I was too young to remember the one and only time I flew. But I was told that I met Prince when I did lol

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    ooo, interesting! What kind of video games or what region is your strength in, shooters? Flying? Racing? I'm sure you will make tons of video game friends if you ask, I know several and you can add me if you want 2!

    And yes, some of us (Even me) have to use boxers to hide our diapers...damn shame

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