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    I have been on the site for several years now, but I don't think I ever posted an introduction. I will start from when I was a toddler. From what I can tell I was toilet trained when I was about 2 years old, but I remember having "accidents" at preschool, this resulted me in being sent to the two year old room and having to wear diapers for the rest of the day. Until I was about 5 my grandma would put me in a diaper everyday after preschool when she would put me down for my nap, and I was kept like that for the rest of the day, so this might have something to do with why I still like wearing diapers. I wet the bed regularly until I was about 7(1992), as a result my mom would keep me in diapers in the evening after my bath. My bed wetting after that was so sporadic maybe 3-4 times a month, this was a relief for my parents since diapers at the time only went up to size 5.

    When I was in the 4th grade I started saving my allowance money and buying my own diapers and pullups, getting to the store was always the easy part for me. I would usually get one of my parents to drop me off at the downtown library, I would spend several hours there, and then I would go to the mall next door where they had a convenience store, if they didn't have what I needed I would walk several blocks to Walgreens. The hard part for me at the time was actually buying them, because I would always wonder what the store clerks would think of a elementary or middle school age kid buying diapers by himself. When I was in high school I would mainly use Huggies Pull-ups and Pampers Cruisers.

    For a while after high school I would use Huggies Convertibles, and was sad when they discontinued them, because they actually fit a whole lot better than the Cruisers at the time. I continued to use Huggies Pull-ups until a couple of years ago when the made them smaller. The previous Pullups with the blue sides fit perfectly, but when the Cars pullups came out they made them smaller. When I first got them I thought I had picked up the wrong size, but after inspecting them they were a 4T-5T. I then though that I might have got a bad batch, but after reading the reviews I found out they a lot of other parents had the same issue. I was very disappointed in Kimberly-Clark for modifying their product the way they did.

    To this day the Pullups with the blue sides still fit me, I still have about a dozen of them left, but I don't want to use them. The Cars pullups I use a stuffers inside my underwear when I am at home, or in a Pampers Crusier size 7 when I am away from the house. I also still wet the bed on occasion; since I live a home I wear diapers so I don't have to disrupt my parents by having to get up several times a night, they get irritated when I have to go the restroom more than once at night. Wearing diapers to bed has never caused me any social issues; when I would go tent camping with the Children's or Youth groups at my church they helped prevent the embarrassing situation of having to leave the tent several times a night to use the restroom. I just made sure I used the restroom before bed to avoid any leaks, in the morning I would wake up early and head to the showers where I would dispose of the diaper. This past summer I was a counselor at a week long camp with my church where we went cabin camping. The camp was for 3rd-6th graders, and I was sharing a cabin with 2 other adults and 12 5th grade boys; nobody ever found out I wore diapers to bed. I would keep my diapers in compartment in my toiletries bag, and would change in one of the private stalls we had(each room had 4 of them). In the mornings I would wake up at about 5:30 and dispose of it in the restroom trash.

    I am sorry for the rather verbose post, but since I never gave a formal intro when I first joined this site. I felt like I should tell what my situation is.

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    Hello FootiePJ and welcome to the group.

    This is a very interesting introduction story.

    Could you please take a moment and tell us a little bit about yourself such as you hobbies and interests?

    Again welcome back to the group.

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    thats a nice introduction welcome to adisc i hope you feel at home here ive been using this site for a while now and i can tell you theres more here than meets the eye everyone is nice and helpful and enjoys sharing have fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by egor View Post
    Hello FootiePJ and welcome to the group.

    This is a very interesting introduction story.

    Could you please take a moment and tell us a little bit about yourself such as you hobbies and interests?

    Again welcome back to the group.

    Some of my hobbies include going to the Y most days of the week, playing basketball, swimming, racquetball. A couple of days a week I help out with the children's ministry programs at my church . I have a wide variety of interest, some of which include: Child Development, Finance, Economics (Macro & Micro), Telecommunications Engineering, and lobbying my state legislators to pass certain laws are some of my interests. For example, back in 2006 I wrote my state representative on why Texas should strengthen their child safety seat law, and some commendations for how it should be modified, at that time it got held up in committee, so I did the same thing in 2008, and the law was passed. I don't know if my letters had anything to do with it, but being that child passenger safety is such a low priority even among parents of young children in my state.
    Once the new Texas Congress members take office in January, I am going to write my legislators and encourage them to pass Open Carry laws, campus carry laws, and laws to increase the age at which you have to keep toddlers rear-facing in a motor vehicle as well as create a booster seat law. Right now as it is written the law can be construed as a bit ambiguous, it allows parents to decide what is an appropriate child restraint(ie putting a 3 year old in a forward facing booster, which isn't safe BTW). I also like to get involved in local government, such attending city council and school board meetings

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