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Thread: Merry Christmas... love mum?

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    Default Merry Christmas... love mum?

    Roughly 10 months ago, maybe even a year, my mum found out. I explained everything to her and she took it very well. She said she was happy I was happy but requested I kept it subtle around her. I delved into the lifestyle more, and as a result found I wasn't as close with my mum anymore. This really upset me as everytime we were together I though 'does she think im wearing?' And I knew she was thinking 'IS he wearing?' So it kinda became awkward between us. Fast forward to today... I had opened all of my presents when mum pulled me to the side and said I had one more present on my bed. I opened the present to find a pack of Attends and a note saying 'I'm sorry for doing this to us, it stops now'. If you don't understand that (I didn't at first) she means, she's sorry for causing our relationship to drift because of my lifestyle and she's going to support me more now. So I went back downstairs and we had a huge cry together :P

    I'm still worried though, I feel like I was responsible for us drifting and that she's only doing this so she doesn't lose me. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cook View Post
    I'm still worried though, I feel like I was responsible for us drifting and that she's only doing this so she doesn't lose me. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance!
    Too me, that's what it sounds like.

    The last time I was up at my mom's place. Me and her had some huge verbal fight since both of us just pent up all our anger and unleashed it at each other. So the next day she's gone before I wake up so I play video games with my little half brother. She comes back and pretty much has at least 2 bags full of either my favorite food or stuff she at least knows I like, some of which was Mt.Dew Throwback, just mt dew made with sugar. She didn't want me buying any at grocery outlet store since I had a 2 liter bottle of Wal-mart's off brand of it at home. I thought they were a good price and they were going off the market at the time.

    So pretty much she bought like 6 of those for a few bucks to apologize for that as well. She (my mom) either felt bad and/or wrong about whatever happened and that was her way of apologizing for it. Sounds like yours might just be doing the same.

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    I would say, continue to build on the relationship that your mom wants. This is a good thing, so go for it. Sometimes it takes a lot of time for people to accept our quirks, but when it happens, we should rejoice.

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    I don't think you are responsible. I wouldn't put a huge amount of blame on her either. The large part of blame goes to society and the expectation to conform to normality. You can't be to blame for wanting to live in a way that gives you the freedom to self express, especially when you are keeping it out of other people's faces. This is part of who you are, and you can't blame yourself for wanting to find self acceptance and happiness. Congrats on your mom coming around, it sounds like she is going above and beyond now. I wouldn't say her actions are necessary, but in order to rebuild the relationship, and display how sincere she really is, I think she made a smart move.

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