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Thread: Thinking of buying cloth diapers

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    Default Thinking of buying cloth diapers

    hey so so far only diapers I've used are walgreens adjustable underwear and walgreens briefs I would love buying premium briefs but i live with parents and they're expensive. so I'm thinking of buying cloth diapers I'm looking at this one from ebay which is and all in one. it is "angels best adult baby cloth diaper" from ebay. any tips or comments are appreciated. I'm also thinking about telling that I'm a DL to my best friend any tips ? for me this isn't sexual so its not really like ill be including her in my "fetish" i just wanna be comfortable wearing around her. thanks!

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    I don't know a whole about the Angels Best AIO's but I do know all about these AIO's. I have been wearing these for over two years and really
    like them. These are the best in my opinion.

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    If you're interested in pre-fold cloth diapers, I recommend gauze, night weight pre-folds from the Alltogether Diaper Co. Amazon actually carries them. They're thick, soft and absorbent. You would need plastic pants if you're going to wet them. I use the Leakmaster high backs because they cover the entire diaper, which is essential if you're going to sleep in them and wet them.

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