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    Ok where to start. Recently I became really good friends with a girl that is gay. One day we were talking and I told her that I have a secret (that secret being that I like to wear diapers). She really wanted me to tell her ASAP, but I told her I wasn't ready. I knew she'd be supportive cause she's gay and very open minded, and she's a great friend that I trusted.

    Anyways, that was during college. Then the semester ended and we were texting a bunch. I didn't want her getting the wrong idea b/c she kept pressing and asking questions about my secret, so I told her it was a fetish, and that was all I wanted to say at that point, cause I wanted to tell her in person.

    The next day we were texting again and she pulls out a list of fetishes (she may seem kinda pushy, but I told her she could ask me questions and if I was uncomfortable, she said I didn't have to answer). Long story short, I told her I like diapers. She has experience with a lot of other fetishes and was a little surprised by this one, but she was extremely supportive. I told her to ask questions, cause I didn't want her to get any wrong ideas.

    I don't think she sees me any differently, we're definitely greater friends because of it. Now I have someone I can talk to about it after 13 years of silence.

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    Congrats! I can def say I'm like her, I really like to press people (withon comfort) about things like that. Mainly because due to being DL im really not surprised by much plus as with you and many ABDLs (or quite a few other fetishes), they may need someone to confide in and so I like to let people know I'm not here to judge =P

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    Its nice to have a friend thats supportive IRL, i dont have too many friends IRL so i cant really tell anyone my secret. (and my one best friend disappeared in 2012 )

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    Aww Santa22!
    Well, I hope all of us here make up for the not-so-many IRL! Everybody loves Santa!
    Happy Holidays!


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