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Thread: Iowa Women Get Arrest Over A Libary Book.

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    Thumbs up Iowa Women Get Arrest Over A Libary Book.

    Unreturned library book leads to woman's arrest - Yahoo! News

    Woman embarrassed, angry over library book arrest | - Cedar Rapids, Iowa City

    Yea, some women in my home state of Iowa got a warrant for her arrest for unreturn library book. I seen this in the newspaper and just wondering what your opinion was on it.

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    Hmmmm, talk about extreme!!!

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    Reminds me, I better return my library books.

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    What an abuse of the law. I think its outragious that some one can be thrown in jail for a library book, man give her a fine or something. This is just one of the many examples of how the US's legal system is screwed up. I mean chargin her with theft is rediculous but we can all sleep better knowing that the library theif has been caught!

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    I have read that unreturned books cost libraries thousands every year, and ultimately many of the books never get replaced. But still, this seems like a lot of trouble and cost for a $14 book, and I doubt she's the only person in that town who's had a book out that long. Must not be much going in that town.

    I went to my local public library last weekend and I was dreading telling the librarian I'd lost my card. They always have this one lady working who acts as though you've committed a felony when you have overdue fees or a missing card. I'm not sure why, since I'm the one paying for them, but I guess overdue fees and missing library cards are to a librarian what a DUI is to a cop.

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    hmm.. that is...... WOW.... i'm sure there must had been SOMETHING ELSE that happened.. bc that would be really wierd and........... i cant think of the big kid word that i am wanting to use...

    there was this thing that was in our papers here about 2 boys, one 14 i think and the other 16 both killed a woman for an xbox?!?!

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    I don't think it's wrong at all. A little extreme but its totally within the realms of the law. She said she was going to take it back but she was busy... So busy that she couldn't return the book for a whole 9 months?

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    Frankly I'm not at all angered and i don't think it's wrong. she has had the book sense April, that's a long time. Also they had tried to contact her many times.

    Court records show library employees tried repeatedly to contact Koontz by phone and mail. A police officer even visited her home last September.
    and as daria7483 said even though it's a small amount it adds up with all the people that don't return the books.

    Quote Originally Posted by daria7483 View Post
    unreturned books cost libraries thousands every year, and ultimately many of the books never get replaced.
    They are trying to make an example out of her. by doing this they're hoping to scare people into returning books and paying overdue fees. I think it was over kill but i think that it may work to scare people. Besides i don't hear people complaining about the heartless blood sucking record industry that randomly selects people and sues them for hundreds of thousands of dollars for supposed illegal downloading using a team of lawyers. Some of the people that the record companies sue couldn't have possibly downloaded any music yet even once they know that they still try to sue. even if the person that they sued wins that person still has tremendous legal expenses to pay. so you complain about the police arresting one person for avoiding returning a book; yet few complain about what the recording industry dose over a few copies of a couple of songs.

    P.S. I'm pretty sure that this is my longest post. Now I'm hungry

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