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Thread: Apparently, we have a syndrome

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    Adult Baby Syndrome -- Pate and Gabbard 160 (11): 1932 -- Am J Psychiatry

    I came across this about twenty minutes ago. I think the patient was getting something sexual out of the sessions.

    Note the number of times that the authors state that most sufferers of this syndrome do not consider themselves patients. I don't know enough about psychiatry to know whether such an assertion has negative connotations (as in, "poor them") or is just a statement of fact. I'm also not sure what the psychiatrists would consider a positive outcome. Getting rid of our desire? Helping us live a normal life with our syndrome?

    Overall, this case was a very poor example of the typical *BDL, and I hate to think what site the researcher found (from the description and the fact that you could buy diapers there, I'm guessing DPF). I might email the researcher.

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    tl;dr. I think I've seen it before though, and I doubt it's a syndrome for most people. Might be for Deeker though.

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    I've read this article several times. There are a few more like it, but as far as I can tell, this has been the most recent appearance of AB/DLs or infantilism in psychological literature. In all of the literature I've gone through (not a great deal, but more than we'd expect to have existed...), the general theme seems to be that the infantilists should receive treatment so they might change and have normal desires.

    I'd like to say more, but I keep writing things and deleting. I need to think about this for a while. I get pretty worked up about this...

    Quote Originally Posted by Tsendo View Post
    [email protected] the Fruedian stuff
    Damn straight. Why articles like this are published, I'm not sure... Do people expect this case to generalize somehow? Complete BS.
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    Most complicated issue for us to solve. If I say, "I don't have a disorder," a doctor could easily say that "denial" or "acceptance", is part of the syndrome.

    But then again, it is a disorder sooooo w.e


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    No I don't. Fetishes (including BDSM and others) were recently removed from the list of psychological disorders in Sweden

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    Wow, very interesting article. It said that he works in law enforcment that could meen he's a cop. It's obvious that he didn't want "treatment" (how can you treat a fetish?) but was just looking for someone that he could share his desires with face to face. Kinda weird that he went dressed as a baby, he must have enjoyed everyone seeing him.

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    In the 1930 there was a lot of work done by Freud, and his student (nother European name, Riech or Reich, I know I have the spelling wrong.) were freakin obsessed with sexual orgasms and how that would react to society. While they have good thoughts to put on the table, it's like a pair of blinders to the field of psychology to focus on one person only.

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    O my good heavens. Sometimes anything can be a disorder, if it is constitutes a problem. If the thing doesn't harm your functioning, it isn't an illness. Guess what, I look at pRon sometimes!! It's true!! But as it doesn't interfere with relationships, finances, the law, and so forth, it isn't a problem, therefore not a disorder.

    kudos to harris for the citation, though. When people say "I heard somewhere" about interesting stuff it irks me. Citations make me happy.

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    So, if I have this disorder/syndrome , can I get a handicapped parking permit?

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