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Thread: Hells kitchen Season 13 Finale

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    Default Hells kitchen Season 13 Finale

    For those that watch hells kitchen, i figured that ill make this post so people can reflect on the season 13 finale.

    My thoughts:

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    I was not fond of the season because this was not a good season at all. You can only take so much cussing and yelling that it isn't funny anymore. Personally, the last seasons, they had experienced cooks and wasn't much vigilant arguments by Chef Ramsey, plus the arguments were there of course, but it was funny to sit by and watch falling dishes This season, I couldn't sit by the first 7 episodes so I gave up.

    I, for one, am glad the season is over. If they have a new season, let's hope the new season won't be ridiculious as the last one.

    Season. 6 for the win

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snivy View Post
    Season. 6 for the win
    Yea, thats actually one of my favorite seasons as well. had a returning chef for the first time, the winner won with a sprang wrist. was just all good

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