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Thread: Diapers for Christmas

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    Default Diapers for Christmas

    I've been wondering, would it be appropriate for me to ask for diapers for Christmas? Here's the deal: my roommates are my friends who partially found out about this interest via drunken ramblings, and we are all getting each other Christmas presents. The one big issue with that is that I seriously never want anything. It's not like I'm trying to be difficult or think I'm inconveniencing others, I just haven't had a Christmas list in a long time and I'm not really into owning a lot of stuff (one of my roommates says my room looks like I'm on welfare because it's so empty).

    So, I've been wracking my brain to try and come up with stuff that I actually want, and I've been mostly coming up with nothing. I mean, I want a lot, like a boyfriend, to see my friends more often, to be rid of my sometimes crippling social phobias, but those aren't the sort of things that you can gift. So really, all I'm left with that is an actual, physical thing is diapers.

    I semi-jokingly told the one roommate who knows I'm actually into diapers and not just about the one thing I let slip while drunk that diapers were what I wanted, but I'm not sure how to proceed from here. Should I just tell him I was kidding, or own up to actually wanting them?

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    Since most people realize that when drunk, the truth tends to come out, beieVing what u said could go either way, u should own up to it or if its hard to admit "accidently" leave a diaper out, then see if it's brought up. But if u thing theresults a chance of actally getting diapers find some way of telling them the brand and size u want.

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    Ok there's a few things you might want to take into consideration B4 asking your mates. First: Where would they shop for your kind of diapers?, what brand do you use and is it a brand you can aquire at the nearest chain store or is it an online premium brand? Second: how much do your mates know about your want(or need) of diapers. Third: if your brand is online premium, how would you explain to them that the diapers you would like are on this so&so site.

    If I were in this situation, I would just ask for cash or a pre-loaded Visa because it sounds extremely awkward asking your mates who probably know little on the subject of diapers and diapering accessories, for diapers. It also depends(npi) on how open you are about your diapers and if these mates are good, close friends or just roomies sharing the space. What if the mates you know less of make the info about your habits known were to the general public?

    These are a few risks and questions I would consider but if your mates already know and you're more open 'bout it, it might still be a safe bet asking for holiday money. I hope I could help with this, happy holidays

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    Sorry. I wouldn't bring it up again unless they do. If asked again while sober if you really want diapers, then tell them what kind and where. If not, then I would say a gift certificate to your favorite local store that sells diapers like Wallymart or Target.

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    Ok mabey posters stuff to decorat your room make it a little more fun.
    Mabey a few plushies you know what they may be ok with.

    If they get you diapers the more the better.

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    I am hopefulll and said would like but rare Tena Super Briefs in Large i know is unlikely but hopefull if do i wont be long without.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadDoctor View Post
    I've been wondering, would it be appropriate for me to ask for diapers for Christmas?
    Sure, ask other AB/DL's that are your friends or buy them yourself, wrap them up yourself, pretend nothing happened, and be surprised and punch a vase filled with honey out of sheer excitement.

    As for friends or others that don't know your DL fantasy, that would not be wise and don't even claim IC because that will take a turn for the worse. If nothing was brought up about it, I wouldn't harass them about "the joke" because eventually a case will be cracked soon and your secret will be left out into the open for people to spread.

    As for "the joke" Keep in mind that,

    If you claim it was a joke: He might or might not know your kidding and you will still be sneaking around holding a secret (Which is mostly recommended for people who's friends can't handle the truth) You might be more comfortable about this but be alarmed that you still harbor a secret and only trusted friends that are understanding should know. If you first state, it was a joke, it's best to not bring it up as a joke again because if this becomes a repeated process, then your likely to give yourself away and that's extremely hard to recover.

    If you admit to it: He is either understanding or might damage some trust between you because as I stated above, some people are not understanding about our diapers and...miiiiight freak out a bit. People that are relaxed nature tend to understand or just don't care, they are also some of the best people to approach about this kind of stuff. Even though it is not a bad thing, some people are just that immature to freak out over,

    "Oh my god! He's wearing a diaper! Haha" asshole said.

    Kids/adults can be cruel.

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    To clarify, the one I "jokingly" asked is well aware I have a diaper fetish. The other roommates think it was a one-time thing involving a diaper, and that specific thing only did happen once. Granted, they also know I am very kinky, so I don't think they would be too surprised if they learned about this.

    Beyond that, I am a very weird DL. I have never bought diapers, and the last time I wore any was over a year ago (probably closer to two, and before that was almost a decade). I tend to be very paranoid, and there's quite a strong mental block in place whenever I feel like I might want to actually buy some for myself. I'm kind of trying to mentally push the issue here, where the world isn't going to end and I'm going to be a lot more comfortable with myself, and hopefully not have a nervous breakdown. The main issue here, for me, is not about them finding out about this side of me; I guess it's about me feeling like this is sort of a means of corrupting Christmas. That's what I mean about appropriate for Christmas. It's always been made out for me as a holiday about family and religion, and I don't want to mess around with that with something which I often feel is in some ways potentially negatively disruptive.

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    I already admitted publicly on facebook of wearing diapee's if are meanies out there block them. I cant hide it feels good to be open about it. So if people don't agree their opinion not mine they can agree to disagree.

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    This is just a thought but do you have any stuffed animals? Sorry if I am restating something. It is about midnight and I am half asleep here.

    Have you thought about asking for stuffed animals for Christmas?

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