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Thread: My Criminal Addiction show on Discovery

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    Exclamation My Criminal Addiction show on Discovery

    Well boys and girls-- it happened again. Another negative piece about the ABDL community. The Discovery Channel's show "My Criminal Addiction" has just shown an episode about a guy who likes dirty baby diapers. The footage on YouTube even shows him wearing a Bambino while dumpster diving!

    Is anyone else concerned about this negative publicity? For me, it makes me a little more nervous of others discovering this side of me.

    I tell you what, I'm never watching anything else that the Discovery Channel produces. They are turning into pure sensationalist garbage!!

    Link to the program:

    Link to YouTube video:

    I couldn't watch the whole thing through. How depressing....

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    this is what it always is with discovery or even TLC its all sensationalist garbage, they always have to take something thats out of the ordinary and put a negative spin on it. This is the problem with most of the television networks nowadays they will sensationalize anything to get ratings instead of just showing good content.

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    Well, it shouldn't be all too difficult these days to visit with a medical professional, and get a prescription for diapers. Self acceptance is far easier when the need is explainable, and understood by those who are in the helping occupations. The media sells its self on sensationalism, sex, and porn. This is what the general public finds acceptable. "Which MAN wouldn't want to **** a *****". You'll have to add your own words to that last sentence, because I am not going to spell them out. None the less, I am sure you all understand its meaning.

    I have too many of my own problems, and a CNS that I have to deal with every day to insure it functions properly. And sometimes, that requires me to do some things that may seem a little odd to some folks. But so far, I have had little difficult getting other people in my life to understand. I am a special needs person, they know it, and I know it. But I also have my full independence and a pretty decent future. I know that my needs will be taken care of, and don't have to worry about others around me batting an eye. The media loves homosexuals and gay rights, but they have a real problem accepting those who just have to wear a different type of clothing from time to time.

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    What I don't understand is is his own dirty diapers not enough? He can make his own.

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    I can definitely understand your position, Calico. That article appears to be talking about a far different "interest" than just the diapers. It's just too bad that a certain article of clothing has to be dragged into it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    What I don't understand is is his own dirty diapers not enough? He can make his own.
    This. I've heard a few stories of people taking diapers from under changing tables or bags of diapers before they could obtain diapers threw normal means. I've even heard of some being desperate enough to look for "barely" used ones.

    But this is the only second time I heard of someone wanting diapers that 100% belong in the trash/diaper pail, so these types of AB/DL are extremely rare.

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    I am highly enraged by this. This guy is a real sicko and we need to vehemently refute him as being representative of us in the AB/DL Community.

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    I stopped watching Discovery due to how blatantly they edit in fake sounds and their horrendous commercial timing (1hr show ==> commercials @ 0:15, 0:30, 0:40, 1 minute of show @ 0:45, then commercials till 0:53).

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    Quote Originally Posted by caitianx View Post
    I am highly enraged by this. This guy is a real sicko and we need to vehemently refute him as being representative of us in the AB/DL Community.
    I don't think any of the TV people are or can be representative of us, even as a small community. From what he's wearing in the dream sequence, it looks like he's one of us, but he's got a much more troublesome focus than most of us.

    Just on a legal level, I thought trash was fair game, i.e., the owner relinquishes ownership by putting it out on the curb. This came up now and again with both police and reporters digging through trash. Legality aside, I'd take it as a real sign that one's urges are out of control. It's too bad this guy couldn't find something more constructive than putting it on an exploitive program. Get some real help instead.

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    It is out of control if one is stealing. I dont care if you are 12 years old or a grown person. You need help if you are stealing from others. This guy..there is more to his problems I guarantee you. This dude is disturbed beyond compare...

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