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Thread: new experiences and meetings

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    i met an AB on line last night and decided to go over to his house

    Greatest idea ever! first thing we did was compare diapers, he gave me my first bambino which are amazing by the way, then he took me around his victorian home showing me all the collectors vintage electronics he has! we stayed up all night! im so tired i can hardly think, and i have to go to work in like an hour, but it was so worth it

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    I'm glad you had fun! I would say however, be safe about it. Some people aren't so nice, especially for meeting a person the first time, for all you know he could have locked you in his basement. If you want to meet, do it in a public place!

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    Wow, that sounds awesome, I am happy for you. How long have you known this guy online? Just be careful before you trust this person too much, you never know people could turn their back on you at any minute.

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    so in the same day you met him you went to his house? thats AMAZING!!!! how did you make friends with each other well enough to meet in person day 1? thats so cool.

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    You made my heart joyful that such a meeting could go so well. Not just well but brilliantly... What with all the risks of things turning out badly or just meh... I am so glad for you. I hope things continue as well as they started

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    Wow... 1 day... that's crazy. O_O

    But hey, at least you had fun and whatnot. Hanging out with people with this same particular interest is always great. Openly discussing the topic of diapers in such a way is just so... new and refreshing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by link View Post
    so in the same day you met him you went to his house? thats AMAZING!!!! how did you make friends with each other well enough to meet in person day 1? thats so cool.
    I don't think that's what he met, but if that is what happened, it's not amazing, it's stupid!, never ever ever let people have your trust so fast! and even then, don't meet up so soon, and best not meet in their/your house for the first time... geez, I'd better make a wiki on this!

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    i met an AB on line last night and decided to go over to his house
    Sure sounds like that's what he meant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyemo View Post
    i met an AB on line last night and decided to go over to his house
    NO! NO! NO! and dare I say it...NO!

    This is the absolute craziest, most dangerous thing a person can do! I don't care if you're 12 or 52...NEVER EVER meet anyone (for the first time) in THEIR (or your) HOME!

    PUBLIC PLACES are the only way to go...and not some out of the way park...I'm talking a coffee shop in a busy shopping centre, or some place like that. Somewhere with lots of people and always always ALWAYS have
    • an escape route
    • a friend (if possible with you)
    • a pre-arranged time for a friend to either call your cell or coincidentally show up in the same coffee shop (just to check that things are going well)

    *sighs* LUCKILY for you this went well...but when I think of the horrible things that could have gone OH SO VERY WRONG it makes me cringe just thinking about it!

    I know kevintje said he was going to make a Wiki, but I think I might add to it (if I don't do it first!)

    I'm an adult, a rather well informed "been there,done that" adult and still I would never ever meet someone for the first time A) after knowing them for less than 24 hours, B) in their place of residence (nor invite them to mine), C) go without a back-up plan! There are wayyyyyyyy too many creepy people out there, and they're not even the ones we have to worry's the EVIL people that worry me!

    I had the misfortune to meet up with a really creepy person once...I had talked to him several times online (via email) and he seemed nice enough, if somewhat eager (but then I'm used to that since I am a female in a predominantly male fetish community). I decided that since he was so eager to meet, and since my attempts at holding 'munches' hadn't gone so well (I may try this again, now that I'm in a more central area), that we should do so. I told him where to meet me (about 45 mins from his home and about 15 from mine (I'm crazy but not stupid) and gave him a time. He was early (even earlier than me and I was early!). That was okay tho'. He seemed nice enough, clean, well dressed, not overtly exhibitionistic (thank god for that!). I ordered myself a doughnut and peach juice (not much of a gentleman, he didn't even offer to pay) and we sat down. Within 20 mins he had a) offered to take me out to his car to see his 'diaper collection', b) asked me to take him to my home, and c) suggested we go to an hotel for a little 'play time'. Needless to say I politely refused all 3 delightful *gags* offers, and left via a different door than the one I'd come in!


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    You went to a stranger's that you met the night before on the net?! OMG for all you know it could have been a collection of sharp weapons that he had rather than vintage electronics...

    I once met a guy on the net n was ganna go to his house for a root. Luckily I didn't though: I met him in public the next day and he looked alot older than he said (he said he was 29 but he looked about 35 - 40) and he was butt ugly lol

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