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    I recently purchased a package of Huggies Goodnites L/XL and I fell in love. Because I liked them so much, I began researching similar types of diapers and pull-ups big enough to fit an adult waist, but made for babies and teens. I'm mainly interested in physical appeal and fit than absorbency.

    Here are a few common brands I've found and was wondering if anyone had any experience wearing any of the following.
    If possible, explain fit, price (value), designs, etc.
    Feel free to compare and contrast.

    Pampers Underjams

    Huggies DryNites

    Pampers Cruisers 7

    Babyganics 6

    Up&Up Training Pants L/XL|pdpv1

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    The problem with Underjams/Easy-ups is that the elastic "sides" are nothing more than two very thin layer of "cloth-backing" material sandwiched by a perforated plastic sheet. While they do stretch to a certain extent, they have a very bad tendency to tear while being worn or being pulled up/down.


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    Underjams are considered to be inferior to Goodnites. I don't even really see them in stores all that much either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabo12 View Post
    Underjams are considered to be inferior to Goodnites. I don't even really see them in stores all that much either.
    I'm not sure about that - they're allegedly softer and more absorbent but more prone to ripping.

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    I kind of meant in the ab/dl community. The sides ripping seem to be a major occurrence that I always hear about, yet I do not hear the same about goodnites.

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    The sides of underjams rip very easily sadly. They are the softest youth pullup I've tried. Only softer pullup I've tried then underjams where easyups. The absorption of both underjams and easyups is insane.

    A few other good l/xl pullups I've tried are.

    Pic_of_package_found_on_ebay //I can't find a seller online, but yea these are sold by martins store, witch is where I got a bag. They arn't as soft, but they have good absorption, they have a tie-died print.

    wallgreens l/xl sleep pants where really good in my opinion, tho I can't find any sellers online now since they replaced them with wellbeginnings witch I've yet to be able to try.

    The sides tear easily, not as soft, only the walmart one has print.

    rite aids l/xl night pants //can't rem name atm. are same as
    dollar general l/xl youth pants witch are same as
    walmarts white cloud l/xl youth pants (only difference being walmarts has a print)

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    It all really depends on how fast you "pull-up" and how big your thighs and ass are. I've had issues putting on my Goodnites in a hurry, which caused the thin cloth material on the sides to snap before I even put on the pair. If I don't rush and take the time to put them on carefully, Goodnites fit me beautifully. The absorbency is fantastic for how small the diaper actually is. I've found if I tinkle into the diaper until I'm empty, I experience no leaks what so ever. If I let my urine flow uncontrollably, pee starts to drip down my leg and wet my trousers. Though the Goodnites risk ripping as I put them on, the cloth material on the sides is durable enough to carry a full load of pee until the end of the day. I'm going to Wal Mart shortly to browse the diaper section for something new to wear today! Hopefully they have UnderJams in L/XL because I'm looking forward to the adorable kitten/bunny designs!

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    Perhaps interestingly, though I have a 38" waist at 44" hips, I have not experienced problems with UnderJams ripping. Not within a couple of hours of putting them on, anyway; I haven't worn them over night. Giving the sides a good pre-stretching is mandatory, though. The biggest problem I have with UnderJams is the narrow crotch, also shared by GoodNites and most other youth/baby pull-ups. For me, the very precise maneuvers required to wet these without leaking wreck the experience.

    I can't wear GoodNites at all; the sides simply don't stretch enough. But I'm big. Issues with these things don't surprise me.

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    I'm quite big, as well. I can fit into L/XL sizes of training pants but I couldn't fit into a S/M kids if I tried. Unfortunately, WalMart didn't have L/XL of the UnderJams. They had a S/M and I almost purchased it because the box was in severely poor condition and maybe I could have gone out with them for cheaper, but I figured it wasn't worth the investment if they didn't fit properly. I ended up purchasing RiteAid Tugaboos OverNights Youth Pants in L/XL and Wal-Mart White Cloud Sleep Pants. Huggies GoodNites are so much better than both of these products in pretty much every aspect, which is to be expected because Rite-Aid and Wal-Mart offer brandless named items (GreatValue, etc). The White Clouds have more stretch to the Overnights and also come in two different couloured star/peace sign designs. The OverNights are plain white and hardly offer any stretch to the elastic type band on the sides. My first attempt pulling on these pull-ups failed miserably. The material is hardly high-quality and is very prone to tears. I wear a size 8 jeans in women. If I wore a size or two smaller I would surely fit into the RiteAid OverNights.

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