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Thread: How to get started?

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    Question How to get started?

    i'm a diaper lover. but im not sure where to get started.
    since i was 5 i loved to ware diapers, but my parents made me stop at age 7. but they didnt know how much i loved it. when i was 12-13 i started to pretend i was wearing a diaper. and would pee and poop in my underwear. when i was 19, i started using hand towels and towels. (and i still do today, and im 24).
    but im getting tired of needing to wash them, (or throwing them away if its really bad). and i really want to start to wear diapers again, but idk where to start.

    if anyone has a suggestion im open. my parents dont know about this. (yes i still live with my parents )

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    get $20 and go to walmart..goodnites or underjams are prob. the most available product to use..

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    i was thinking about trying to ware them all day, how many do you get and whats the best for all day?

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    I'd suggest you start gradually with daytime. Find something thin and discrete and just see how it will work out during the day before getting too serious about it.

    store brand pullup style diapers are probably the easiest way to get started.

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    im not really a outdoor person so i stay home most of the day.
    what about other stores like tops? because theres a walmart but its like 2 miles away and i dont drive.

    i also ordered some free samples from the links, so ill give those a try first before going to the store and buying them. so ill let you know how that goes.
    *edit 2*
    checked out the walmart website. and underjam looks like a good brand. looks cheap, good count. but just want to know if anyone knows what waist size the l/xl sizes are?
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    A few other places have storebrand overnight protection pants for kids you could try too, I think I've worn the CVS ones (they barely fit on size 33 waist with thick thighs). Walgreens may have them too. If you under size 32 waist, you should be able to fit in them as long as your thighs aren't too big. Not familiar with Tops, as I have mostly lived in the south and on the west coast, they probably have a storebrand one as well.

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    well ill need to look into that, but ill give the samples a try when they get here and see how they work, and how it feels. and if so ill start to buy them (might buy them online from that way i wont have to go anywhere. but they will be in a big box for everyone to see. and that will be a bit worrying.

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    Now every one here has offered diapers you can get at a super market. I am not sure if you can or not. I would highly suggest buying Premium diapers. The only real way to get them is by ordering them online. I am not sure what your choices are here. If you do not have some place to have them shipped or live on your own or don't have nosey parents I think this will and can work for you. If you do not have a way of getting stuff from online (any where i send you to will have discreet shipping). I would suggest not reading this.

    Depending on your needs/wants/affordability will determine what exactly you want.

    If you want a diaper that is quiet and super uber worried about people seeing your diaper and not capacity or fit.
    I would go with a baby diaper. They are cloth backed. They are uber quiet. Even though they sound like the have a rustling sound. They don't when you have them on nor will they once you walk around.
    The down fall to baby diapers is to get a decent fit you need a large baby diaper (Pampers Cruiser Size 7) as well as a small waist line From what i have heard 28 - 30 - 78 Count - $42.99 - 92 Count - $45.99 - 92 Count - $45.88

    If you want a diaper that is quiet but also not as much worried about people seeing your diaper or hearing it but are still self concise. As well you want 1 wetting capacity as well as a diaper that will fit properly.
    This is where I would suggest a store brand diaper. Now from my experience I have only had 1 store brand and that was Walgreens.
    You can find these at your local walgreens. I paid around $15 - $20 for a pack of like 15 or 30 I for get its been a while sense I have bought store brand

    If you want a diaper that is still quiet but has a good fit and better capacity you will need to fork out the money for a better cloth backed diaper. I have no experience when it comes to cloth backed diapers so what you here is any thing I have read about on this forums. People said if you do not want a heavy diaper but are after something that can hold some decency of a wetting they suggest Abena M3/L3's

    How ever if you are wanting something not caring about the potential bulk of the diaper but what a large capacity I would suggest going with one of the top of the line diapers.
    My personal favorite is The A+ brand. It holds more then it can handle haha. How ever if does lack few major things such as a waist band and a leak guard. How ever neither of those have given me issues. Here are some links to some Premium Diapers all of which are plastic backed and have some crinkle to them but have no baby designs.

    Abena X-Plus -
    Dry 24/7 -
    My Favorite!!! A+ (Absorbency Plus) -

    Ok maybe you want a diaper with baby designs on them as well as having a crinkle or not and a ranging capactity. I have not tried all these diapers nor do i know the capacity of all these diapers. So I will only give input on the ones I know about!
    The All Famous Bambino!!! - Teddy Prints - Have a decent capacity how ever i feel it has less then a A+ - Plastic Backed - Classico Prints - Have a decent capacity how ever i feel it has less then a A+ but the same as teddy prints - Plastic Backed - Bellissimo Prints - I have never had this diaper but i have heard it has more capacity then the other 2 bambinos!!! - Plastic Backed

    The Infamous ABU - ABU Super Dry Kids - Plastic Backed - Cushies Plastic Backed - Cushies Cloth Backed - ABU Sissy/Girl - Plastic Backed

    The Aww So Cute!!! Expensive but cute. From rumors I have heard they hold more then abu diapers and may hold the amount of a bambino. - Aww So Cute!!! - Plastic Backed

    A rumored diaper brand... I know nothing about them. - Snuggies

    Here is a list of diapers that I did not list but may fit your needs

    Good absorbency and used by a lot of people in this community - Plastic Backed - Tena Slip Maxi

    Ok - Decent Absorbency. This diaper is good for hiding its self but holds a decent amount with out leaking. Very good mid level diaper! - Molicare Super Plus MAKE SURE TO GET SUPER PLUS not the other one...

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    wow thanks for the tips, ill look thru all those links and find the best one. but i wont do that yet until i get the sample diaper and see what its like to wear and "mess" in one.
    Also quick question, would i need baby powder?
    whats the difference between the difference between the sissy ones and the normal ones?
    also looked at all the links, and stuck between the abuniverse, Pampers-Cruisers, and xp medical absorbency_plus

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    as far as i know the sissy diapers just have a different design. I am also pretty sure they are plastic backed.

    Also from rumors I have heard they can be a weird fit and sense it only has one tape it can cause leaks. Again these are just rumors I have heard and am not trying to scare you away from them. How ever I have also heard rumors that they are great diapers.

    To be fair I enjoy doing #1 and #2 in my diapers how ever #2 is a bitch to clean up afterwards and I shy away from when ever I wear.

    If you only #1 in a diaper I would highly suggest cleaning up afterwards. By either 1 Taking a shower and cleaning down under or 2 using wet wipes and thourghly cleaning the area.
    If you #2 I would suggest a shower to clean up. Wipes from my point of view do not provide a deep enough cleaning and can still leave a smell.

    As for the need of baby powder. This is completely up to you. I for got what the use of it is. How ever I do know there is a use for it. I never use it. How ever if I had it I would just for the baby like smell.

    Something I for got to mention. With ABU Diapers I think you can add a baby diapers like scent to them. All the other diapers have no scent.

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