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    hi, nothing to worry about
    this is a great site, with really great people on it.
    wherebouts in england are ya? cuz im in england to.

    enjoy ur stay

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    Hi Jack! Please take a look around if you haven't had the chance yet, and when you are comfortable, jump right in! You will find that we are a pretty diverse group that rewards being honest (with yourself and others) and we love to talk about alot of different things (including diapers, believe it or not). Take your time, but don't be afraid, we (well...most of us O.o) don't bite, unless asked to!

    have fun,


    EDIT: We also like to get to know you and what you like, so if you get the chance, tell us all a little about yourself.

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    Don't worry about it Jack. This is a really great site. I was a bit nervous to when I started! I'm from the UK too (in Wales).

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    It's okay; don't be shy! You'll be family in no time!


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    Hy Jack and welcome. I was nervous when I fist went on, and was a little hesitant to share. Now I've become completely boring and repetitive, so you will get more comfortable with the whole thing over time.

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    Hey there, Jack, welcome to ADISC
    I was really nervous when I joined up as well. But after a bit of posting, I'm sure you'll fit in just right c:
    Enjoy your stay, friend!

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