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Thread: pull on cloth diapers?

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    Default pull on cloth diapers?

    I have been managing my urge IC pretty well for the past few years, still have issues when driving distances and at night. I had bought a few pairs of aio cloth diapers for night time a while back to cut down on diaper purchases and have been quite satisfied with them.

    When I am at home I often don't get up and go to the bathroom often and will wear something like a good night or the goodnight true fit though sometimes I diaper up fully (loving northshores new diapers) because though I have actual issues I do enjoy diapers. Simply wearing them is comforting to me.

    anyway after trying the goodnights true fit for a while I have decided to look for a cloth pull on style diaper. I have looked back at the super undies sight but it seems their night time pants have lost their largest size (28 inch waist) and the only thing that goes up to this size is the ones that snap in back. I checked out their adult sizes website and those pants there are nearly twice the price.

    They still compare the largest size night pants (listed at 26inches) as being comprable to the L/xl goodnights. I fit into the L/XL good nights quite well though after hearing of the new size reduction I have not tried any.

    my waist size is 30 inches and im pretty much D shaped (no real belly at all) and am sure I could fit into the 28 inch night time trainers but have they actually gotten rid of this size or have they changed measurements?

    Does anyone else know of a place that sells pull on cloth diapers aside from dependco (just dont like the designs but may settle on them). Also does anyone have any experience with the snap-on undies (snap in back or pull on) from super undies?

    Thank you.

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    Hello Conner. Babykins and AdultClothDiaper sell pull-on cloth diapers. I've used Babykins products for years and can recommend both the product and the producer. You can layer these pull-on diapers with additional pull-ons; I normally wear a Babykins terry pant over my premium disposables, but these pants can be layered as diapers, too, covered by a plastic or rubber pant. Terrycloth is superior to flannel for performance.

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    Thanks, though I should have mentioned im looking for more of an AIO type, one that I don't need plastic pants for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conner23 View Post
    Thanks, though I should have mentioned im looking for more of an AIO type, one that I don't need plastic pants for.
    AIOs are sort of a misnomer, as they are not a good bet without plastic pants.

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    No experience with AIO. I use snap in front cloth from Rearz.CA with thick plastic over it from there. I always stuff with about 3 cloth baby diapers. It is really comfy and i love how there seems to be about 10 sizes in one since that is how many columns of snaps mine have. There are five on each front wing.

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