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    While poking around on Google, I came across a parody of the SkyMall catalog that is found on airplanes. It's hilarious! Anyway, one of the fake parody items that was in the catalog was for "Forever Diapers". Can you imagine such a thing?

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    A parody like the Newspaper the "Onion" ?
    The spelling is off "SKYMAUL" and not SkyMall" !
    What other noteworthy items are found in the catalog ?
    Maybe a 'Forever Pacifier' - a 'Bottomless Endless Baby feeding Bottle' - a 'Baby Bathing Station that throws the baby out with the bath water' ?

    What won't they think up next ?
    But Wait there is more go to but then on the other hand maybe not - after all the left did not know what the right was doing in the first place !

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    It'd be like having a bean bag strapped to your waist lol.

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    Talk about poofy but does it come in pink and also bigger sizes?

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    Hilarious! I'll add this book to my wishlist.

    Puns are always fun to have around in my family.

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    Hate to admit it, but I've "worn" diapers similar to that shape and size before...

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