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Thread: Teen Babies, Littles, Adult Babies: The Terms and Meanings

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    Default Teen Babies, Littles, Adult Babies: The Terms and Meanings

    I myself am an Adult Baby. What differences do you guys see in these three categories? Sometimes for ne, it can seem the lines between them all are blurred.

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    I think Teen Babies and Adult Babies are pretty self-explanatory, because they're people of 13-17 years old, or 18+ who ageplay or regress to a baby age. I think the more complex discrepancy is between TB/ABs and Littles. Some individuals who ageplay at a baby age use Little as a preferred term for what they do, whilst others use it as a term to describe an ABDL who likes to act at an age of, say, 2+ years - to differentiate from acting or identifying at a young toddler or infantile age.

    On a side-note, I think there's too much argument over who is a TB/AB or a Little, especially when you take into account that most of us enjoy different little ages, and often incorporate aspects more associated with younger or older children to their chosen age(s).

    Differentiations are always helpful in terms of understanding, I just don't like the idea of an already marginalised community trying to split along more lines, by saying 'I'm an AB, but [x person] is a Little, so they're different'. Especially as many of us blur the lines over these terms, and there's no outright consensus over what the difference is.

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    I myself was a teen baby once i turned 18 straight to adult baby lol funny i can remember fitting in baby diapers when i was about 5 years old i remember being put in one for the night because i ran out of goodnites

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    Well if you incorporate baby things, doesn't that still technically make you an Adult Baby JewelSparkles?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrinklesTheBunny View Post
    Well if you incorporate baby things, doesn't that still technically make you an Adult Baby JewelSparkles?
    When I choose to regress that young, sure. But I don't most of the time. I don't really like the term "adult baby" though. I'll use ABDL/Little most of the time when talking about it to others.

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    ABs and TBs are basically the same aside from biological age. A little is one who would rather regress into an older age. I personally don't see any gray areas in defining any of these. As such, I really don't like seeing users try to transcend the meaning of "Little" and define themselves as one simply because they don't like how "AB" or "Adult Baby" sounds. I mean, I don't like attributing some labels to myself, but I'm not a liar; you're only a little if you like to regress into a non-baby age.

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    I'm not sure there's a litmus test for the difference between "AB" and "Little". I just know that I don't do the whole diaper thing, so as such, I consider myself a "little" instead of "adult baby". (There's also the uncomfortable--and perhaps unfair--association in my mind of adult baby with some of the characters we've seen on TV and youtube.)

    That having been said, I do have a fondness for my binky, which most actual five year olds would recoil from. Too babyish, afterall.

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    Here's how I look at it. First of all, I've been in the AB/DL community since I myself was what they called then a teen baby. Back THEN, the Internet wasn't quite as big as it is now. I went to forums like this, but they were on AOL for DOS, Prodigy, and CompuServe. Yes, I'm talking about the mid to late 90's folks.

    But anyway, I got into diapers when I was 12 and soon to follow, "baby" things. Over the years I have put different "labels" on myself. I now associate myself as a "little." LG to be more exact. I am male but I do not cross dress. The little/LG label only refers to when I do regression or age play. It is a mental state of mind, not a physical thing. I am not a trans nor do I wish to physically wear girls' clothing. Only in fantasy. I guess I'd describe myself as my inner child is a LG trapped inside a man's body. The only physical thing I wear is of course diapers and a paci here and there. But the reason I like using the term "little" verses "AB" is quite simple. I don't wish to regress to be an actual infant. I'm almost always between 3-9 when I regress or am in that state of mind. And almost always diapered, either not PTed or PTed but wearing as a DL. I don't think breaking away from the very generalized and vague "AB" term is such a bad thing. Yes, it can get confusing. Some "littles" wear and like diapers. Some don't. So there are DL littles and non DL littles. Some simply like to regress and act like a (potty trained) child. Some like the regression and diapers thing. Hope that makes some kind of sense? I don't think anyone is trying to say one is better than the other. In all we're all part of this community... but there are different "levels" that exist.

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