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Thread: wearing and wetting

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    Default wearing and wetting

    Hello everyone in the group,,I am the new boy on the block as they say.
    I love outdoor hobbies,, LIke gardening, golf, long walks especially on a beach.
    I am a Bi Sub adult diaper lover who loves to wear and wet his diapers,,oh yes and be diciplined for being so naughty.
    I am a widower liveing with my girl friend who is also a widower and she is also my Mommy.
    I found this site browsing through diaper sites.
    We live in London Ontario Canada area in a small town.
    I love to hear from others especially ones in our area who are also diaper lovers.
    I am a senior 66 semi-retired.
    I belong to a few other AB/DL sites, like ABY, Rupadded, DiaperMates, Jeffs Groups and Diaperbois.
    I have been wetting and wearing for years and loving it more every day,,some day I will be 24/7 Garry the wetone..

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    Welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here!

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    Welcome Wetone, I am glad that you joined are little community here. I just wanted to welcome you and say hi. Hope you enjoy this site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wetone View Post
    I am a widower liveing with my girl friend who is also a widower and she is also my Mommy.
    Sorry to hear that you lost your wife but Your girlfriend is a man? Or do you simpely mean that she is a widow and not a widower.

    Welcome to the site.

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    Always good to have new members join this crazy family of ours, welcome and i'm sure you'll fit right in.

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    Hello Wetone. We provide quite a different space from the other padded-friendly sites, in my experience and the experience of others more site-aware. Though one main focus of ADISC is teens there are many adults; most of them are in their 20's but there is an older contingent ie over 35, which includes me.

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    Hi wettone welcome have fun post and go to the chat. I am one of the older ones I am 61 married and need diapers 24/7 this is a great site.

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    Welcome! Good to e-meet you.

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    Hey! Welcome to the group! And wouldn`t your girlfriend be a widow, lol! And london isn`t so small! I go there quite a bit, I`m only a couple hours away. :P Y`all had Wally World, I used to love it there!

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