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Thread: Onesie or Footed Sleeper?

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    Default Onesie or Footed Sleeper?

    So I'm about to make a purchase on my first little clothes. I'm having a hard time deciding between footed pajamas or a onesie from baby pants. I can realistically only afford one. Any thoughts would be appreciated!!!

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    Shame as I would say both if you live in cold parts footed jamies

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    Depends on the time of year. Considering we're heading into winter, I'd say a footed sleeper. Onesies are great, but in terms of cold-weather practicality, I'd definitely recommend a footed sleeper if it's a case of one or the other.

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    A onesie would probably be more babyish, but it's getting colder and sleepers are honestly best this time of year.

    But, you do what you wish, it's your purchase.

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    Onsie would be my choice, you can wear that at home, or out.

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    Footed pajamas :3 I think they're awesome for winter, but choose whatever you like

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    If your buying your first little outfit, definitely a footy sleeper... Nothing beats snuggling up in one on a cold night!

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