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Thread: Good 'Little Girl' animes?

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    Question Good 'Little Girl' animes?

    Ohai, I was wondering if this huge memberpool of a site might know any good female-prevalent animes that are reminiscent of stuff like Sailor Moon, Cardcaptors, Lucky Star, Tokyo Mew Mew and all that jazz...shows that really appeal to younger female mindsets basically...
    in dub preferably unless they're exceptional <.< *ducks from many shots being fired at her*

    anyone got any recommendations? the longer series are better obviously too :3

    any suggestions (and just good animes in dub!) are welcome, hopefully I can get a good list going ^.^

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    First things first: make sure you watch Cardcaptor Sakura, not Cardcaptors. CCS is amazing while Cardcaptors is really bad.

    You might want to check out stuff like Winx Club - European, but anime-inspired. The fact is that most little girl-targeted anime don't get dubs because the audience isn't that big, unfortunately.

    I actually found a similar thread on another forum with a quick Google search. Here you go:

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    >______> I actually ADORE the hell out of Cardcaptors thank you very much and can't STAND the subbed version. also in the past couple hours I've found a few more so they're definitely out there. and if I wanted MAL crud I wouldn't have made this thread. they don't know what mindset when it comes to anime I'm after for obvious reasons. hence why I posted here.

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    Sorry, I was just trying to help. Didn't mean to offend you with what I thought might be a helpful link and information. I can't really think of too much else off the top of my head honestly, but I can try to let you know if I think of anything else. I personally tend to end up watching more western animation when little, but that's not what you want so I won't share it.

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    the first I could think of are :

    - all the Precure seasons, really popular show.

    - Hi Hi Puffy ami. Japanese with western-style animation.

    - Ashita no Nadja. A romance anime.

    - Sugar sugar rune. A rivalry/friends story with witches.

    - Ojamajo Doremi. Once again little witches learning magic.

    - Princess Sofia. A Disney show that is pretty good for what it is, targeted at very young girls.

    I gave you a bit of different types of anime/tv shows. Anime for girls are mainly romance, magical girls, often with majokko (young witches), if you want more, that's the direction you have to aim for.

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    So some already tough harshness is being spread around in this thread, and the source of the tension is my all-time favorite series. Not fun.

    Recommendations though! I promise that I come from a place where I totally understand and even relate to your preference for dubbing, but dubbing is somewhat becoming a lost art. (It is sad, actually. I tend to prefer dubbed myself.) I hope you give some of these series that are subbed a chance because most new series don't get dubbed anymore. I will try my hardest to throw some dubs in though. Also I linked free, legal viewing on Crunchyroll in the titles of all these.

    Little Princesses! 'Lilpri' - This one is literally a little girl series, in that it was marketed towards very young girls in Japan. It stars little girls who are magical girls who transform into super pretty older princesses. Not sure how we were lucky enough to get this one offically subbed in any capacity, normally series like this don't get that treatment. So for LG viewing it's my first recommendation.

    What's it about? The main girls become fairy tail princesses. Like, the main girl "becomes" a her version of Snow White with her magical girl transformation. They become idols and sing their way out of trouble. They collect all sorts of adorable outfits. If you are looking for "LG anime" in it's most pure form, it is Lilpri.

    Shugo Chara! - "All kids holds an egg in their soul. The egg of our hearts, our would-be-sleves.. yet.. unseen." A magical girl anime about where the magical powers of the series are based on our inner selves, the feelings that we keep locked away for some reason or another. A sweet and fun yet still certainly "exciting" affair, and very long! Emotional, fluffy.. and did I mention that one of the girls innerself magical girl transformation is basically.. a baby because she is jealous of the attention her baby sibling always gets? Certainly a feeling a lot of people on the forum here can understand. Hehe.

    Fantasista Doll! - A card battle of sorts anime where the cards are actually sentient "dolls" who live in another dimension. A lot of your general cutesy girly anime stuff can be found in here as the main girl tries to be a good friend to her dolls. A problem with modern anime is that they can be too aware of the male gaze even letting otherwise innocent girly anime get a certain.. vibe about them. This one has it, but it's largely ignorable for the most part.

    Cardcaptor Sakura! - WAIT! Let me make my case! This is dubbed! There! Got your attention didn't I? Phew. Anyway, the problem I have personally with Cardcaptors is not a on "I believe Japanese should be be suffix-ridden and not in a natural English that I speak" no.. my problem is that it was a butcher to the source material. NIS America recently redubbed Cardcaptor Sakura in it's unedited form, and NIS is usually pretty awesome with actually translating things. They even took their liberties with the script, and I tend to be fine with a lot of it. Intent is always way more important then exactly what was said.

    The thing is that's the only thing Cardcaptors did with the source material! It held it down and shouted, "Boys have to like this! I'm ashamed of how girly you are! Time to trim the fat!" It didn't.. add anything. I loved Cardcaptors as a kid, I don't come from a mean place. Cardcaptor Sakura is my favorite series though, and there is nothing wrong with how.. openly innocent, sweet, and girly that it is. If you just were put off by subbing before, please give the exact same series.. but simply with what was removed back. I like dub work too on this too! I don't hate dubbing at all! I prefer dubbing as long as it doesn't ruin the material!

    Squid Girl! - Super cute series that's different from the stuff I just shared. This is a goofy comedy series starting a squid... who is also a girl. However the entire series is definitely about how she is a squid, and is planning on taking over the surface world! Her first point in her invasion plan was a beachside restaurant.. but somehow she gets roped into working there instead! A cute series about a cute girl who is also a squid, do you need anything more? Are you squidding me!? It's pretty much nearly 100% innocent but silly fun!

    I intended on this being my second dubbed series, but I linked a free sub work. I'm REASONABLY sure that it's dubbed on Netflix though, if you have that.

    I also have some more obscure series and can recommend more if I need to, but after this you might be "you'll have to buy a DVD or.. find other means" territory. I'm sad. I would have recommended Jewelpet Tinkle otherwise.
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    Strawberry Marshmallow!! Its ssoooooooooooo cuuuute :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cranky View Post
    Madoka Magica
    That might be more than a little bit dark and horrifying for little girls. Considering there was a meme made of a character getting her head bitten off by a demon, I'd question it being for little girls

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