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Thread: Planning on buying a case...

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    Default Planning on buying a case...

    Over the last couple of months I've samples many diapers and I think I have it narrowed down to either Dry 24/7 or Northshore Supreme. Has anyone been through a pack or case of both and have any insight gained from extended use? Thanks for your help.

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    Although I can't claim to have used an entire pack of either of these, I do prefer the Northshore care brand. I feel the value is better and they don't feel as stiff between the legs like the 24/7s do.

    As for performance, I would say the 24/7 does hold a bit more, HOWEVER, I really dislike their tapes and feel like they ALWAYS come undone.

    NSC tapes are almost too sticky! Lol, but for me that's only a benefit.

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    Tapes aside, I have issues with all tapes and have to reinforce anyway, it looks like you might be indicating that the 24/7 is a better product? As far as value, with the current xpmedical price on 24/7 I put these two options in the same price category.

    I have not tried anything from Bellissimo. The Classico is another that I was considering. Would the Classico offer anything significantly better than the 24/7 or Supreme?

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    Dude! Bellissimo!!!! Do it!

    Tapes work great, and I think they fit like a dream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ampelhamza View Post
    Dude! Bellissimo!!!! Do it!

    Tapes work great, and I think they fit like a dream.
    Bellsimo's are more expensive then at leas northshore's I think. After California sales tax which I'd have to pay a 48 count case of bellisimo's cost just slightly less then 100 dollars.

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    I am on my second case of 24/7 and I haven't ran in to any tape issues yet. I've only had one diaper so far with a tape issue. Perhaps you guys are taping too tight? Maybe you have powder out cream residue on your fingers or something? I love Drycare 24/7.

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    If you make sure to rub the tapes well, a Dry 24/7 tape will hold just fine. Also, before you put it on, unfold it and roll it around a bit, break up the stiff padding. Trust me, this helps a lot.

    As to your question, I am a fan of Dry 24/7s, and they're all my 24/7-wearing partner wears. They are comfortable, they hold well, and they feel right. The sizing is abnormally large, so that might be the thing for some, but mediums still fit me and I am roughly a 38" waist. I've always had sizing problems with Bambino products. I have no idea what the other ones you're on about even are, so I can't speak to those.

    Dry 24/7, though, are a good product.

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    For me Dry 24/7 all around is a better diaper and fits me better. North Shore Care premium is a close second as their mediums are close to Dry 24/7 small. Absorbency goes to Dry 24/7 but best bang for the buck North shore Premium wins. I would say try both to see what works for you.

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    I've already samples the 24/7 and North Shore Supreme and was leaning towards the 24/7. Now I'm thinking I should consider the Bambino stuff. I was avoiding it before due to cost, but my current arrangement with my wife has me wearing a little less (now that I'm looking the price difference is marginal anyway). This makes the cost less of an issue.

    Before when I said Classico I was thinking of the Bianco. I haven't really considered a baby print diaper that much. How does the Bianco (I guess Bianco and Classico are the same anyway) compare to the 24/7? No doubt the Bellissimo is better, but again, I'm not sure how the print would work out for me. Thanks!

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