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Thread: Should I Buy Goodnites or Baby Diapers?

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    Default Should I Buy Goodnites or Baby Diapers?

    I was planning on buying some Goodnites to hold me over until I can buy adult diapers online in a few weeks, but after reading Cottontail's article on making diaper extenders and KatelynG's recent review of Luv's in which she said that she got them to
    750 mL (which never happened when I had Luvs) I'm having second thoughts. So, should I buy Goodnites or baby diapers? Also, what do you think is hands down the best baby diaper? Unfortunately the place where I shop doesn't carry Cruisers 7, but I've tried Cruisers 6, Luvs 6 and Baby Dry 6. Perhaps Huggies Overnites would work with the diaper extenders? Please tell me what you think.

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    Well, it may vary on your waist and hip measurements, but I've tried both L/XL Goodnites and Pampers Cruisers Size 7. Cruisers barely fit me at all - I have to stretch them several times, and then the tapes will probably pop about ten times before finally sticking. Granted, this is with no extenders, but they don't fit terribly well. Goodnites, on the other hand, fit fairly comfortably around my waist, like a pair of underwear. The Cruisers are a bit roomier in the crotch, but I don't trust them for wetting besides a very slow, small accident. Goodnites can actually handle a full wetting. Overall, I'd recommend the Goodnites. But maybe some of our members with more baby diaper experience can help you out, too.

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    If you are worried about size and capacity, just buy a store brand adult diaper in the meantime.

    Depend, Assurance Certainty. . . although people swear by medical supply and online ordering, these will still get the job done in the meantime.

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    If you can fit into goodnites without them being super stretched or anything I'd go with those, they are decent enough for both wet and other messes, or just for wearing for fun however their rate of absorbancy could be better.

    If you can't fit into goodnites then I'd go for cruisers and make extender tapes, their capacity and absorbancy is far greater than goodnites.

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    I've tried both goodnites and pampers baby dry 6 and for me pampers are better in capacity and goodnites do fit much better because of the stretchy sides but the capacity isn't as good, and they tend to leak, at least that's on my experience, both fit me good with a 26" waist.
    You need to decide, I'll recommend you goodnites, the package is smaller than a package of baby diapers if that's important and you could fit in those nicely.

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    If you can fit in baby diapers go for them! Pampers are the best, but Luvs are a close second.


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    Goodnites definitely absorb less than Luvs, but they fit the average person better even with diaper extenders. Goodnites also press out liquid easier than Luvs - Luvs won't feel very wet or leak until they're almost full to the point they won't hold any more, but Goodnites will leak easier. It's really a matter of fit vs function - do you want something that fits well or holds a lot?

    Fit: Goodnites.
    Function: Baby diapers.

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    Goodnights have //best fit.
    Underjams have best capacity but over-stretch over time. // most comfortable
    white cloud l/xl, rite aid l/xl, and family dollar l/xl pullups(all the same but white cl) sides over-stretch, and aren't as soft as underjams. + less absorbancy. //I don't like them that much compared to others.
    cottontail l/xl really good absorption and better sides then other off brand nighttime youth pullups.

    Huggies Pullups //long time since I tried but where small like all huggies products. Tho I'm not sure what size I had.
    Pampers easy ups really good absorption, really good smell, over-stretch over time. //softest out of all diapers/pullups I've tried
    white cloud training pants very small, has cool wetness indicator, low absorption. sides hold up well tho.

    Cruisers/baby dry look really cool and are really soft, but over extend easily if worn for prolonged time.
    Luvs are a good all around baby diaper
    huggies little movers/snug and dry cons small. positives are huggies seem not to over stretch aka tabs last longer.//i like little movers more. //huggies overnights tho are really nice but still cons of being smaller then other size 6 brands. Very high absorbancy tho, and I wear them at night allot.
    parents choice baby diapers like huggies, maybe higher absorption tho. different fit.
    wallgreens well-beginnings //havn't tried in awhile but around same as parents choice.

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    I have been using Well Beginnings Size 6's, and I can say that they have been less prone to leaking than Goodnites. They hold about 20 fluid ounces and can handle flooding in ways most diapers I've tried can't do. I use them with Cottontail Extenders, to great success. Plus they have Zebras on them! That said both baby diapers and Goodnites are worth a try, and depending on your criteria for a good nappy and your body type, either or both (as in my case) will be fun.

    If you go for Goodnites, try to get last generation-type while they last. They are larger by 2".

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    I think the answer to your question is "No."

    Buy an adult diaper that is designed for adult-sized hips and waist. Even the cheapest, lowest-quality store brand will be more comfortable, more absorbent, and better-looking than any product designed for children. Don't waste your time or your money on products that are intended for a much smaller person.

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