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    How do y'all babies like the Tena SUPER adult diaper?? I need ratings on thickness, babyish FEEL (not necessarily look) and leakage!
    I'm looking for a diaper that feels like a baby diaper when I have it on,is thick and does not leak easy.
    I would love Bambinos but it is just too darn expensive!!
    Thanks in advance. Any other recommendations for simular priced diapers are welcome too!!!

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    Abena M4/L4 and NorthShore Supreme are probably the best non-AB diaper for that (and they are pretty inexpensive compared to Bambinos). Wellness Superio are definitely the most similar in feel to a plastic-backed baby diaper, but they aren't anywhere near as good performance-wise (hold the same amount as a Luvs size 6 before leaking - less than half as much as the other two I mentioned).

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    My experience is limited, but I will offer my opinion.

    The "baby like" feeling is based on perspective. In reality, the only difference between baby diapers and store brand adult diapers is the size, shape, and relative thickness. If you were to scale a Walmart Assurance brief to a baby's proportions, it would probably not be any different than a generic baby diaper.

    A waddle inducing or thick diaper is more because a baby's short and relatively weak legs cannot compres the bulk. If you want a similar effect, just double diaper.

    If you want nostalgia, you probably want a plastic backed, but those are becoming so rare it isn't funny. (I personally don't care.)

    That said, the Walmart Assurance Briefs, which are the same for most store-brand briefs, have worked really well for me. I have completely and utterly flooded them and they did not leak. They are also pretty cheap.

    I know people on here swear by the diapers you can get at medical supply stores or by ordering online, but sometimes that is not an option and they are also quite a bit more expensive unless you order in bulk.

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