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Thread: Walgreens or Walmart diapers??

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    Default Walgreens or Walmart diapers??

    Are the Walgreens or Walmart brand diapers better for thickness and leaking??

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    I've had half decent luck with the Walgreens brand, but I'm fairly certain they're the same as the Walmart.

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    If my memory serves me correctly, both brands are in fact the same diaper. While they aren't ideal, I do remember them working better than Depends (I haven't bought them in years, as I prefer to buy higher quality diapers online).

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    Yes, they are exactly the same diaper made by the same company with different brand names printed on them.

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    I double them up but when you put them on make shure to fit them right they can leak.
    Sleeping on back they will leak always not good for side sleeping leak.
    But standing sitting stomach with things pointing down they are ok.

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    Walgreens diapers, never tried the actual diapers but the training pants and sleep pants, They're pretty good, can't speak for walmart brands though, not tried them.

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    Walgreens fitted briefs are called "Certainty" which is also the same exact diaper as the CVS Fitted Brief. Not sure what the Walmart brand is called.

    I feel Walgreens offers the best deals. I got a pack of 40 for like $15. Insane good deal! They also have a nice swell to them and feel very babyish! ^__^

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    Is Walgeens called Certainty? What does Walmart call them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fascinating View Post
    Is Walgeens called Certainty? What does Walmart call them?
    I'm not sure, at my Walmart I think they're called "Assurance"

    Edit: Yes, they are called Assurance. They are also the same as the more popular known brand called "Prevail"

    Certainty = Assurance = Prevail

    It's the same exact diaper

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