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Thread: Earth 2110: Our Hopes for the World.

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    Default Earth 2110: Our Hopes for the World.

    Imagine many of us alive today have the honor of living to see Earth in the year 2110 AD. What are your hopes for the world to be achieved by that year?

    Here's some of mine:

    Greater acceptance of differences and alternate lifestyles. I want to live to see a day when LGBT, BIID, ABDL, and other alternative lifestyles see full social acceptance on a global level. No more hiding in the closet, in fact the closet will have it's door removed and made a part of the greater room..

    Transhuman enhancements. biomechanical ocular and cochlear implants for superhuman levels of sight and hearing? Yes please! Brain computer interfaces and cybernetic enhancements to augment our mental and physical capabilities? Sign me up!

    I'd love to be able to live to see Earth become a type I civilization on the Kardashev Scale.

    Improved products for treatment and management of incontinence with greater consumer choice across the board. No more alienating portions of the consumer base. Businesses now value long term sustainability over short term profits. Traditional tape-on adult diapers readily available at retail again? Yes please!

    Conventional employment to feed your family and pay the bills becomes obsolete. Many live a lifestyle of hyper affluence due to most menial labor being fully automated. Some may still work to keep themselves occupied, but the idea of work will evolve from required menial drudgery just to pay the bills to an exercise of self-fulfillment that also gives back to the community. Work will become more meaningful and passionate.

    Digital Immortality and mind uploading

    Becoming masters of biology. We control the aging process, we can slow it, we can halt it, reverse it, or even accelerate it. Trans-ageism will become common in society.

    So what are your hopes?

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    Many people see this kind of progression as a possibility, but the ultimate result of this would be a mechanized world where humans have all been replaced by machines since machines are so much more efficient and not plagued by emotion. How many implants and "mind uploading(s)" can we have before we are nothing but robots ourselves? Give me a world where we can have love and fear, lust and compassion. Oh wait! We already have that.

    But, to answer your question... I would hope to see people getting away from their total dependence on technology.

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    I hope to live to see the day where we have universal health care, especially now that baby boomers are getting older and technology keeps us living longer. These factors will have a significant impact on how we care for the sick and the elderly.

    I hope to see an end to poverty and a world where everyone has affordable housing and an adequate income. This includes employment programs for youth to help them secure a meaningful future. We would provide opportunities to people with disabilities. We would also have a universal daycare program so that people who choose to have a child, or have limited incomes, can have the financial means to enter or re-enter the work force.

    I'd want a world where people are free to be themselves and not have to fear violence, hatred, harassment, abuse.or intolerance. This includes ABDL's, and also gay, lesbian, transgender populations, ethnic groups, people with disabilities, religious believers (although I'm an atheist), and anyone who is perceived as being different. We would have learned to recognize clinical and symptomatic causes of aggression and violence. Abuse, particularly against women, has become a thing of the past.

    The political stage would reflect the population of the world so that women would comprise fifty per cent of parliament.

    The environment would be much healthier after countries around the world have implemented a serious global agenda to reduce green hours gas emissions, instead of just making vague or impossible promises.
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    I have been thinking about this for almost an hour now and I keep looking at both ends of the spectrum.

    I see that WWIII has occurred and the outcome is a global economy. Different regions of the world have different functions.

    The clean water issue has been solved, and a well understood balance has been achieved between need and want.

    Hunger has been solved and yet the environment has been preserved with recognized world reserves that are not touched in any way, shape or form.

    We have expanded to colonies on the moon and research travel to Mars and Venus.

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    I hope that people in 2110 are looking back on a century that was not torn apart by war.

    I hope that they're comfortable and not suffering, barely making a living in a polluted, overheated, or otherwise miserable world.

    I hope that society gets closer to the ideal of post-scarcity. Where there's simply enough food/shelter/care to tend to everyone's basic needs no matter what.

    I hope that people who have creative visions have the opportunity to pursue those visions and aren't constrained by their inability to access resources, whether those are education, basic necessities, or the tools they need to create.

    I admit that I'd be interested in a bit of cybernetics or genetic engineering put into practice. I'd like to live in a world where the whole human race is just a bit smarter and I know for sure that everyone can make a living in a world that mostly automates all the jobs that take pure menial labor. That doesn't mean taking orders at a fast food place (which might still benefit from human to human contact), but it does mean nobody crawling through coal mines or spending their whole lives putting the same piece onto a machine over and over in a cold factory. I worry sometimes that even though those jobs are awful, the whole of humanity might not be capable yet of doing more technically complex things and there are people who would be left with nothing.

    And I'll save to the end that I I do indeed hope that in 100 years we reach a world that accepts all sorts of sexual preferences and self-identities without judging or hate, including ABDL and many many more.

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