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Thread: Walmart's Pacifiers and Bottles HELP!

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    Default Walmart's Pacifiers and Bottles HELP!

    Can anybody tell me the best paci and baba I can get from Walmart?? I doubt that they sell Nuk5 and I do not live in a very big town. We do have Walgreens and CVS tho if somebody knows of something better there. That is pretty much all there is. I am saving up to order a Nuk 5 from Amazon tho. Would greatly appreciate any and all help STAT as I am going to buy it tomorrow

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    I personally am a fan of MAM pacifiers. Just make sure you get the largest size of pacifier available. NUK has decent bottles I believe, but they'll obviously be a bit small.

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    NUK 3 is the best you'll do for a paci, unless you like MAM, which I don't.

    My bottle is a NUK orthodontic bottle, which holds 2 oz more than your average bottle does.

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    Default Something like this is going to be the best thing you will find at walmart. They are a bit difficult to sleep with, but they are nice for the odd moments you want to suck on a paci. You should also be able to find some of these. These are a nice model of bottle because they are easy to nurse on. they don't take a lot of effort to use, and they are also easy to clean if you don't have a brush (mind you, if you do have a brush then they take longer to clean because you have to take it apart and properly clean the one way seal on the bottom.) I also like the silicone sippy bottles I can't find the right product, but the ones with the soft nipple that is shaped like a sippy is what i'm talking about, I haven't seen them at walmart though, mostly just at grocery stores, if you have a harmons, they probably have what i'm talking about, there is a tigger model that is super cute.

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