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    Default hi

    um hey

    i'm NumberBlue and im a dl
    the winki said i should post alittle about my myself my hobbies and such so i will

    i really like anime and manga i also have an interest in cosplay though i've never done it before i hope to go to the animecon next year as an anbu

    i love to read both fanfiction and published books it's all i really do anymore

    im home schooled and to tell you the truth i don't have any friends as i live about five or ten miles away from anybody my age

    the winki suggested that i talk about how my life is going at the moment be it positive or negative well.. i've been talking with the local high school counselor(through email) he thinks that i might have Social Anxiety we are supposed meet in person next week

    i didn't post too much did i? i've glanced at a few of the other posts and they seem pretty breif
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    No this is more than enough to establish a rapport with many people here> Furry games and manga are popular interests.
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    alright- i'll have to look around for a bit before going to bed

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    bed?!? it's 12 in the aftern-... ah... never mind.

    welcome to the forums, NumberBlue ^^

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    Welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here! Do not be shy and post around.

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    Don't feel bad that you have no friends i'm not home schooled and don't have any rl friends but we will all be your friends.

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    Hi numberblue I am sure you will make lots of friends here post and read the post. Have fun and hope to read you posts

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    Hey welcome to the group! I`m sure a lot of people here would love to be your friend! Hope you stick around and get to know everyone.

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