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Thread: Need Advice - Accessories to Prevent Leaks and Sagging

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    Default Need Advice - Accessories to Prevent Leaks and Sagging

    So I wear disposables at home (mostly in bed at night), usually M4s or Molicare Super Plus, and I'm always anxious about the diaper leaking from normal use. I already have some boosters on the way, but my apprehension at night isn't so much about capacity as it is the integrity of the leg guards and waist. So, I'm looking for ways to mitigate leaking as well as keep the diaper from sagging too much (because walking around in an extra-full diaper is half the fun).

    For a first line of defense against leaking, I think plastic pants are the way to go. I was thinking either DuraSoft TrimFit2 Plastic Pants for Disposables from Driwear or a Gary PUL like this one. Does anyone have any recommendations or advice for picking a pair of plastic pants that could give me more peace of mind about leaks?

    As for holding the diaper in place, I've decided I want to go with a onesie to wear over the plastic pants and diaper. I use compression shorts now that do a decent job of holding the diaper in place (though no leak prevention). I want to get a onesie because I prefer (I think) the way it fits over the diaper, as well as to placate my latent AB side. I was thinking of this onesie from Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on picking out a onesie?

    And just so there's no confusion, I wear disposables only, and am not interested in cloth diapers. Also, I wear for home use only, so I'm not worried about being discreet.

    Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

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    Garywear are THE BEST I've ever worn. I've read that onesies are a great accessorie to holding that saggy diaper in place as well. Desperately wanting to get my hands on one but I have NO way of hiding it through the mail.

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    Here's an update on the original post. I got the Durasoft plastic pants (Large) for $19.45 with shipping, and the baby pants onesie (Large) for $28.88 with shipping.

    The plastic pants fit really well, but what little of the PUL material touches the skin is a bit abrasive. I might try terry lined in the same size in the future, they might be more comfortable.

    The onesie seems to be good quality, but the large size was a little long for me. I am 6'0", and the sizing guide baby pants uses indicated size large based on my measurements, but the large seems a little loose at the crotch even after two washes on hot. The washing did make a big difference though. Medium would probably fit better (more snug/crotch support) but we'll see.

    I'm going to try wearing both over a medium conficare Dry24/7 first, and then try them over an Abena M4 with a TotalDry Ultimate Booster and see how the combinations fit when I'm both dry and wet. I'll provide updates.

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    wish i would have seen this sooner but the baby pants onesies for some reason sag even with washing them on hot, i think its the material they are made of its a knit that has a lot of give to it. pretty much anyone buying them unless you have a width issue with the sizing its always best to buy a size down

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    To update, and confirm LittleAyria's issue, the onesie still sags after 4 washes, just enough so that it serves no real purpose, other than to catch a diaper that has completely fallen off (which has never happened to me). Judging from their fit now, I think I'd have to wear a small from BabyPants, not a large. I'm 6'0 with a 40" trunk.

    The plastic pants work well, but I see now what people mean when they say they just buy you time once a leak happens.

    Also, I mentioned I would test the two out with an M4 and a booster. The TotalDry Ultimate Booster holds a lot (the manufacturer claims an incredible 1.4 liters!) but I think it was so thick that it caused the urine to drain over the leak guards, thus causing very early leaks. Dunno if anyone else has had a similar experience.

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    Just on off hand idea - wear two plastic pants the larger over the smaller and the outer one place a wash cloth or hand towel in the crotch
    for the overflow that might happen from the overloaded inner cover.
    And then the simple solution - I know sort of dumb de dumb da - change diapers frequently to prevent over taxing the main holding reservoir (diaper) !
    Not necessarily cost effective for disposables but practical to prevent accidents - cloth diapers change the equation (reusable).

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    When it comes to onesies I own many different ones from different companies. I personally on two onesies from Baby-Pants and even though they are alright with materials and look, they lack with the functional aspect like you are talking about. Both of the ones I have from them do not cling to me or support my diaper, even after numerous washes. The two companies that I have found that make the best onesies are and Snaps4U. Babykins have many different styles and different colors to choose from, and they are exactly the size they claim on the website. The ones I got from didn't fit perfect when I first got them but after just one wash they fit perfect. The only thing about them is that they are located in Canada and if you live in the USA like me then shipping is about 30 dollars, but I just ordered numerous onesies to make it worth it. The second company, Snaps4U makes custom AB clothing. I have ordered both shortalls and onesie and they were exactly the style/design I wanted. You send them your measurements and they will make a onesie to your exact specifications.

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    If you really, really don't want to leak, stack a couple of high quality disposables together and wear plastic pants over that. You cut slits in the inner disposable and then put another one over it. Put on your onesie over the whole thing and you're set forever. You'll want to take the setup off just from needing a change of clothes after wearing the same thing all day before it will leak.

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    I tried your suggestion to layer disposables. I'm now wearing two Dry 24/7s with a TotalDry Ultimate Booster. The bulk is insane and the combination under my plastic pants is a fortress. The onesie is still loose.

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