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Thread: For those of us who use depends or similar products...

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    Default For those of us who use depends or similar products...

    I know that with many store brand overnight diapers with tapes, like Depends or Certainty, they can work well, but they have a very low capacity. I have resorted to using cheap store brand adult overnight pull-ups as stuffers for them. This has actually worked fairly well, does anybody else do anything similar?

    I have also seen that recently the Walgreens' Certainty Breifs have gone down to 20 diapers for $8 recently, I dont know how long this will last, but chek them out.

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    When I wear Depends, it's because I don't need a higher capacity diaper. It sounds like what you're doing would work alright, and if you enjoy disposables with cloth-like covers, that's probably a decent way to go. The only concern I'd see is spending more money in components than you would for what's a good diaper already but at $8 for 20, you've probably got that covered, so enjoy.

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    I had meant for this to be based towards those of us who stick to the store brand due to the ease of access because we live with parents or others. Well, this is more of a replacement of something like a premium diaper.

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    I tried the Walgreens Certainty ones once. Only diaper pack I've actually tossed out after a few. They became completely useless after not even an hour of ocassional moving around and no usage.

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    I'd advise using baby diapers as stuffers instead of cheap adult pull-ups - they smell way nicer than the adult ones and probably hold way more than stuff like Depends (although they'll swell up quite a bit in the process).

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