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Thread: Will i get caught ordering online if i use a debit card?

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    Default Will i get caught ordering online if i use a debit card?

    Will i get caught by my parents ordering online if i use a debit card? im new to the debit card thing and i dont want to sign up for anything. i want to ensure my privacy first. please help.

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    Is it your debit card? If it is and only you can view the statement, then you're fine. If its your parents, then its probably a bad idea to order something.

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    Well...I'm assuming it's going to be delivered to your house...So if you can't even get away with that, then you're going to get caught...Even if your parents can see your statements, a lot of diaper companies will have a discreet name...But that might not even matter if your parents would pry into it

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    Yeah, if it's your parents debit card do not do it, it will easily be seen on the statement, and it will be delivered to your house, so if you cant get away with big packages coming in don't try.

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    Yes, and it will appear on the montly statement. If you need to get something discreetly without a paper trail, buy one of these: Prepaid Visa

    I do it all the time. As long as you have somewhere to ship it you should be in the clear.

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    Yeah, as it's already been said. If it isn't your card, under your name, with all your info, with you at the front of it all, then don't try it.

    Do what I do (also already been said.) Go to the ATM and get some cash, maybe 25 or 30 dollars, or however much you need. Then go to some store and buy a giftcard. Then use the giftcard online. Then the only matter is the one regarding where to ship it.

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    as long as your parents don't have access to your statements your good to go. If not, the AmEx gift cards will work as long as there is a place that accepts them online.

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    None of the responses on this thread yet are as helpful as this one will be.

    DO NOT use your debit card if your parents have access to see your account like my dad did until last year. Like others have mentioned, it will show the company you bought from, and don't expect it to be as discreet as the box. (example: "XP" for "XP Medical")

    What to do:
    Sign up for a PayPal account, and put your debit card into that. Most online stores have an option in the checkout to use PayPal. This is what it looks like in your bank statement if you order diapers with PayPal:

    *Date* X/X/X PAYPAL INST XFER 373920 DU8S9EKANDLJ3 *Your Name* $Amount

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    If it is YOUR debut card and tha statement isn't monitored by your parents and you can have them ordered to your house safely then you are fine. Just be cautious where you go (in general).

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    You should make an intro thread dude just saying.

    Quote Originally Posted by DLJeff View Post
    but heres the thing. she knows that i like diapers and she has caught me looking at diaper sites and found some of my goodnites a while back. and just took them away from me. so idk what to do?
    Why do you care if you were already caught?

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