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    Hello everyone! ^.^ I have a random question that I really cant find...
    Why are babyfurs frowned upon in the furry community? I am very shy to look for fur meets and try to find some other friendly furs.... sadly I cant fully embrace my little side because I cant afford nappys/diapers.

    But I'm going off topic a little... I was just wondering whats your opinion on baby/little furs and are you one?

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    I would say just like any other fandom, some people can be a little more intense than others. I've met both types, chill babyfurs that get along with just about everyone and babyfurs that, well, are a little too intense. I find usually if people get to know you first and then find out about your little side it isn't so bad and they'll likely just be like "meh." However if you blatantly expose yourself as a babyfur, such as running around in just a diaper or wearing onesies and the likes, then folks tend to frown upon it. It's mostly just a comfort thing I think for the parties involved. Myself, I tend keep my babyfur side in the privacy of rooms or parties that cater to such a group. Discretion is the better part of valor.

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    I am a babyfur yes. Although my answer to your question is irrelevant, but I am honestly not sure myself. I know we have tons of bullies in the outside world but If I gave you an answer, I would be lying.

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    Mostly for being inconsiderate with diaper habits at conventions. (ie: Messing in public).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClandestineWing View Post
    Mostly for being inconsiderate with diaper habits at conventions. (ie: Messing in public).
    That's a good answer, although I haven't seen anything of that that goes beyond rumour or suggestion. I wouldn't doubt that it could or even has happened but I think it would be so rare as to be a non-issue.

    In addition to that, whether just rumor or truth that doesn't match the limited observation of myself and friends, the lack of regard isn't too surprising. Furries have little more reason than the general public to embrace babyfurs, except that they have a significantly greater chance to know them personally. At Rainfurrest, babyfurs aren't even remarkable. At other cons or online, it's a matter of respecting boundaries and understanding that not everyone will have a favorable reaction.

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    I`m a babyfur and I must say that all the babyfurs that I have met at conventions have been great folk and totally enjoyable to be with. Some furries do hate babyfurs but as others have mentioned I only let on about me if I find others have similar interests.

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    I love being a babyfur and its fun i just don't go in public only diapee on or onesie i'm careful. Plus so few in my city a few is all are online.

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