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    Default New to site; New to area.

    I am retired and have been for the last year. I relocated to Alabama last December to be near family. I worked for 22 years in business and finance and then 17 for the federal government in taxes.
    I have a weak bowel mussel and am somewhat diaper dependent. I must find a facility very quickly or I cannot hold it. My doctor gave me the choice of using anti-diarrhea pills or wear protection. I do not want to take pills to bind you up all the time so I use the diapers when I go out and pull ups at home. At night it do not need the protection as I do not wet the bed. I can wear my nylon panties to bed.
    I at one time worked in the home video/ movie business and have been collecting movies on DVD for several years. I also record movies off the cable channels. I have over 3000 movies on 900 some disks and keep an excel spreadsheet to track them. I like comedy, action, drama, fantasy and sci-fi. Not much into Horror or Westerns but have some of each. I also play backgammon and dominion card games. On the computer I build cities in SimCity IV Rush Hour.
    I was referred to this site for support in the incontinent area. Learning to live with the medical problem has been ok but talking about it to others is still a problem. There is so much negative feelings around, especially for men. Products were developed for women but just recently for men. It is ok to have a prostate problem but bowel problems are taboo.
    I hope to have support from both men and women here on the site. I can say that I accept it, but still need to talk about it.

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    Welcome to the community Bill (I'm guessing)! That was a great intro. Please jump into the threads - We look forward to hearing more from you!

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