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Thread: How much do you spend on diapers?

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    Default How much do you spend on diapers?

    Just a bit of healthy curiosity but how much do you think you guys spend on diapers each month? What price do you generally look for per diaper?

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    I buy a case of Abena M4 every month. That's about 70$.
    A case last a bit more than a month though. But it's a close estimate if you account the occasionnal case of wet wipes.

    That's when I wear only at night. On occasion, I go 24/7, so add another case for the month.

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    I probably only buy twice a year since I have to be so sneaky about it (and I have been away to college where I did not wear). And can spend between $40-70, so maybe like $10 a month on average? This fluctuates a lot though.

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    I get paid twice a month. I spend half my month's salary on diapers and baby stuff ^__^

    I need to start spending less and saving more though =/

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    On a random occasion when I do get the chance, unless I win the lottery I would spend around $30 on a case and use one whenever.

    IF I win the lottery & move out...I'm getting so many cases.

    2 Cases of 48 (bellissimo's)
    2 Cases of 72 (Dry 24/7's)

    and pretty much whatever I can get my hands on.

    For my budget (which is the $30 rule and whenever I can achieve) 1 case of 14's of Abena M4's

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    So basically that's like $200-400 a month

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    I really have no clue what I spend on diapers, but probably too much. I have quite the inventory, but I like a variety and always want to order what's new or what I'm out of.

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    On average, I probably spend a few hundred on diapers each year -- not very much compared to some of you! I have a very large stash of cloth diapers, so it would be easy for me to go several years without buy any diapers at all, but inevitably something comes along that I feel the urge to try. And when I'm not wearing cloth, I'll use Pampers or other baby disposables, which are comparatively cheap (per diaper).

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    I'm not sure about each month, but I just shipped a case of Dry 24/7's to my home and one to my girlfriends house to the tune of $240

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    I wear 24/7 but I only use one disposable a day. The rest of the time I wear cloth. My disposable costs are $84.50 for
    a case every 60 days.

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