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Thread: Welp my pre-order for Snuggies is in...

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    Default Welp my pre-order for Snuggies is in...

    looking forward to doing a review with pictures as soon as they ship(around mid November)

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    I look forward to hearing your review. I'm curious if they live up to all the hype they have gotten so far.

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    My pre-order is in as well so here's to anxiously awaiting that first delivery.

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    seriously i'm so pumped for these to come to the UK

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    I got to see a pre-production version of them at a Halloween party I was at in Chicago. I can't speak to how well they work, but I can assure you they're super cute! From what I was told, the production versions will be thicker than the pre-production versions, and they'll have wider tapes as well (the pre-production tapes were only about one inch wide).

    I'm definitely curious to see what people think of them once they get the production versions out there. I'd preorder some myself but for lack of funds I can dedicate to diapers.

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    i just want to know if their on par with bellissimo's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Infinitas View Post
    i just want to know if their on par with bellissimo's
    From the comments of the users, the pre-production are definitely not and the production run while thicker will probably not be on par with those either. I don't necessarily have a problem with that.

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