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Thread: Fetishers v. Sexual Predators

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    Default Fetishers v. Sexual Predators

    Whoa, that got your attention! I can hear all of the WTF's from here!

    Seriously though, I was commenting on a thread about the risks of being labeled a sexual predator (Little Sister Help) when my thoughts got cross-wired with point #5 in the following URL:


    "When you need to, act on your feelings if possible. The feelings a Diaper Lover has are not going to go away and will drive you insane if you try to suppress them."

    I do not know that I would go to that extreme, but I understand the sentiment and get the message.

    Between the two, I had the following thoughts:

    1. Do fetishes and sexual preditation originate in the same part of the brain?
    2. Have we not seen that all of these proclivities tend to escalate?
    3. Does the fact that fetishers do not desire to hurt others, and in fact abhor the idea, make fetishers more spiritually evolved?
    4. As fetishers, knowing what we do about our own tendencies, does that not reinforce the concept that sexual preditors should never be released from prison?

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    1.) I think most sexual urges come from the same part of the brain, and safe and harmless fantasies could potentially share that area of the mind with predator fantasies, if a person was that way inclined. However, I'm willing to bet that a big part of the motivation for sexual predators comes from a lust for domination and power, and those urges probably originate in a part of the brain more concerned with perception of one's self and of others.

    2.) I think pretty much any fetish will escalate in terms of what it takes to turn an individual on. You reach a point where you've seen or experienced enough within your chosen fetish that it no longer feels as exciting - so you ramp it up a notch. That just means you want to delve deeper either in terms of what you do to yourself sexually, what you do with a consenting partner, or even the fetish-based content you view online. It doesn't mean you become a helpless, oversexed mess who barely struggles to keep their sexual urges under wraps in public. If you do feel that way, you have a problem.

    Predators, on the other hand, are presumably paedophiles (or other sexual sadists) who have failed to take control of their urges. There'll be people with the same urges as them who haven't escalated their behaviour to actually targeting individuals.

    3.) I don't think 99% of people want to hurt anyone in a vindictive sense, so we're no more spiritually advanced than the average guy on the street. In terms of hurting someone within a consenting fetish scenario, I see no issue with that. BDSM and genuinely malicious violence are two entirely different things.

    4.) Predators should be in prison, unless they can prove that they've overcome the mental process which led them to act out on their sexual urges. Again, this view has nothing to do with having a sexual fetish. Anyone who cares about the safety of others, particularly the safety of the vulnerable would take this stance.

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    I think that sexual urges are one of the strongest motivators for many people. For most of us, however, they don't overwhelm our sense of right and wrong. That's irrelevant to a fetish. Regular people that can't get enough sex don't go around kidnapping people and fetishists don't go around hurting anyone in unusual ways.

    A very small number of people might have urges that they can't resist and that cause them to hurt people. They need to be in jail.

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    My beliefs:

    1.) The various things that stimulate our sexual desires most likely have a common mechanism in the brain. There are other elements involved in predatory behavior but the sexual desires themselves probably originate in the same way.

    2.) I think they naturally escalate for the same reason normal sex acts escalate for many couples after they get married. The sex drive is fairly persistent so the actual activity increases as the opportunity increases. With predators, as they get bolder they satisfy their desires more often, but that doesn't mean the drive is getting stronger, just that they are fighting it less.

    3.) Too many undefined terms, assumptions, and philosophical concepts for me to take a stab at this one.

    4.) Yes and no. Some kind of restraint is necessary but not necessarily prison.

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    abusive personality types will hurt children as-well-as adults, and they usually blame their victims. - Sex is only one of the ways that they hurt people. - They always have an excuse to justify it. - It has nothing to do with "fetishes", and everything to do with the kind of person. -

    Conversely, persons with fetishes are more often using their fetish to protect their vulnerability. - Very often, that is the vulnerable spot where they were hurt. - Persons who share, or give their fetish to another person, are giving affection that they use to protect and heal themselves.

    They are not predators.

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    I tryed to (r)eject my kink, but after the stoped that useless intention, I feel realy better with myself. A few asshole am I ? Maybe. But there're a lot of around, so myself first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenn View Post
    [SIZE=2][FONT=arial]Whoa, that got your attention! I can hear all of the WTF's from here!

    Seriously though, I was commenting on a thread about the risks of being labeled a sexual predator (Little Sister Help) when my thoughts got cross-wired with point #5 in the following URL:
    For those who care about privacy, besides the regular Google trackers, the page is tracked by Facebook Connect, Amazon and twitter.

    Wouldn't worry about amazon or anything, but Facebook may not be so much fun considering their advertisement tactics.

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    1. Maybe. Lets find out. Hold still whille I drill a hole in your head and insert electrodes. Of course then I have to round up a predator for the same treatment.

    2. Sample size of 1, no. My own desire for diapers hasn't escalated. Whether that means anything for ABDL population as a whole, or whether it has any bearing on the desires of sexual predators I couldn't say.

    3. Sorry, that question/statement is too vague. I'm not sure I even know what it means.

    4. I guess that depends on your definition of sexual predator. Someone who jumps out of the bushes and grabs a 10 year old doesn't have sufficient empathy and impulse control to be allowed out in public. An 18 year old who has relations with his 14 year old girlfriend is a different situation. There are too many variables to make a blanket statement.

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    The two strongest urges that humans or any life form experiences is the need to live, thus food gathering, and the necessity of propagating, the need for sex. On these two hang all the laws. Oops....wrong beatitude, but you get the picture. Since fetishes are sexually linked, the desire is likely to heighten and take on more extreme forms. But, we also have a brain that functions at higher levels. Because we need to survive, most of us use logic and judgement to keep us out of trouble. We understand the rules of our society and use caution. Those who throw caution to the wind find themselves in trouble.

    There are some paraphelias that by their very nature, are hard to control, pedophelia being one of them. It's important to note that a diaper fetish is very different from being attracted to children. We can act on our diaper attraction and find self satisfaction. Act on child attraction and jail is in one's future. We should count ourselves very lucky.

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    Wow dude... You have some REAL issues with this ABDL thing. o.o

    Firstly, this most certainly doesn't escalate into sexual predation of children. Age players are just that, age players, it's a game, it's pretend, it's nothing to do with 'real kids' and it doesn't lead up to that. Now, there are probably some real creepers who have ALWAYS been thinking about real kids, but that's not escalation, they've just always been there.

    I've certainly had my fun, sexual and not, with other ABDLs, but I'm not sitting there thinking 'Gosh, I wish all these adult babies I was hanging out with were REAL babies'. Like ADULT babies. We can have our age play fun, we can play video games, we can also be friends and talk about all that real life grown up stuff that we like to escape from part time.

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