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Thread: Greetings Diaper Aficionados!

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    Thumbs up Greetings Diaper Aficionados!

    Hay guys, I stumbled on your forum during a google search (researching baby diaper waist sizes) and I have to say this is the best AB/DL/TB forum I have found.

    To the admins: keep up the good work! You've got a great site.

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    Welcome Just In Case.

    I hope you join in and post a lot. Good Luck.

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    Welcome. Some good content so far, so you're on the Good Track. The Bad Track is an immediate drop-off into obscurity. Or instant infamy, if you're that way.

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    Welcome to the site.

    Do not fear the site. The site welcomes you. The site takes you in. The site consumes you.

    <-- That was creepy. Though quite true. ADISC comes with a warning. It can eat up all your time if you aren't careful. Just enjoy the site, post when you want to, perhaps pop into IRC. You will get to know people in no time.

    Want to tell us any more about yourself? Hobbies, etc?

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    Sounds like ADISC is getting more people coming our way, via searches.

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