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    Default People coming round .....

    So yesterday my mrs was cleaning our house and her sister came to help....

    So she we in the bathroom and picked up an open pack of drynights and said they shouldn't be here the should be in the baby's changer..... (We are expecting)

    Now she knows we are having a girl and would have seen they were blue (boys) and she's not stupid she has a boy of her own...

    Do you recon she knew but said nothing to avoid awkwardness?

    I was at work at the time .....

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    Tbh, I don't think ABDL is at the forefront of most peoples' minds, so unless you do something very obvious like get caught hiding them in your sock drawer or walk around the house in them, chances are nobody (including your partner) will think anything of it. Besides, it's not like the alarm bells start ringing if you have a pink item in your house when expecting a baby boy, or a blue item when you're expecting a baby girl. So I don't think your Mrs. will have thought anything other than 'Oh, some diapers for the baby'.

    What does concern me is that you've started at least half a dozen threads in a short time about getting caught with ABDL items. Either you're getting off on the fact you're partaking in risky behaviours (in which case, you're far more likely to get found out than if you're more discreet), or some of the threads you've started aren't legit.

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    Yeah, I was remembering that as well. Assuming the story is true, why would she think diapers for older children would be intended for a new born baby? It all seems odd to me.

    That said, our daughter was home last weekend, and she was helping us reorganize our kitchen, as we don't have a lot of counter space. We were cleaning out the cupboards and she came upon my sippy cups. One is one the kids used when they were little, but two were more recently purchased for me. She suggested throwing them out to make more room and I yelled no. With a few wife and I explained they were for the future grandchildren should our son, to be married soon, have some children.

    Still, I always bag and hide my diapers when the kids come home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Assuming the story is true, why would she think diapers for older children would be intended for a new born baby? It all seems odd to me.
    she might have assumed they came from someone else who'd had kids and was getting rid of excess diapers, especially if the bag was opened. It's usually not uncommon to have diapers left over as your kid outgrows them, and then have half used packs that get given away rather than thrown out.

    Plus, I doubt anyone not abdl really pays much attention to type or kind when they see a pack of diapers. At least no more than you'd pay attention to what brand a common loaf of white bread is on your friends kitchen table.

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