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Thread: So many people are AB/DL

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    Default So many people are AB/DL

    I can not believe how many people are into diapers plastic pants. Seems like more and more people are into this life style. Unbelievable.

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    I'm not entirely sure what you mean...there's been an active ageplay/diaper fetish community for a long time now. There haven't really been any signs of an increasing proportion of the population being into AB/DL stuff as far as I know, but with modern social networking sites (forums like ADISC, Fetlife, etc.), people are having an easier time finding others with similar interests. It's what happens when the internet exists - people with uncommon interests connect.

    Anyways, glad you're here and exploring the web to find others like you! It's a great experience to meet others with the same interests for the first time - ADISC was my first AB/DL site as well. People here are into a bunch of different stuff - acting like babies (AB), disposable diapers, cloth diapers, plastic pants, the furry fandom, acting like a child (littles), acting/dressing up like girls (sissies) - the list goes on and on.

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    Frank9127 - You might be right. - It seems to be increasing in popularity with BDSM people who seem quite envious of ABDLs

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    Quote Originally Posted by kikee View Post
    Frank9127 - You might be right. - It seems to be increasing in popularity with BDSM people who seem quite envious of ABDLs
    I am not disagreeing with you kikee but what exactly gives you the impression that the population of people into AB/DLism is increasing? I am just looking for correlative empirical data about this that's all. This could very well be the truth but I want to know how do we know for sure?

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    accepted - i have no formal statistics - i can only say truthfully that more and more people are attending the type of events that i have been to regularly, that the average attendance at local gatherings is triple what it was 5 years ago, that the gender mix has been steadily becoming more and more even, that the crowd seems to be getting younger, with more single people seeking partners.

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    I think having a number of diaper sites, now for a number of years, has given more people the courage to attend AB/DL gatherings. I think we've discovered that we do have numbers, and that can give one a little more courage. My guess is that, because liking diapers is a psychological condition, caused by a number of factors, it may be a fixed number. Of course if the cause is sociological, caused by environmental factors, perhaps the differences in the last two generations has contributed, by influence on their children, more to want and enjoy diapers and all that goes with it.

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    If you believe that one theory I heard flying around that my generation and etc. are getting "stuck" in childhood, having trouble leaving their parents and etc, then maybe you could connect that with some idea of AB/DL's becoming more common.

    I don't, but it's something I felt like should be mentioned and hasn't.

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    or what about AB's who convince some of their friends to try it or what not and they find that they like it o-o

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    Many possible reasons. First, disposable baby diapers became popular in the late 1960's early 1970's. No more washing cloth diapers and that possibly allowed parents as time went by to not hurry to potty train their kids. Then you have parents who are working more hours and both parents work instead of "Mrs Cleaver" staying home all day to run the house. I tend to think that helps lead to kind or toddlers staying in diapers longer, and the longer a kid stays in diapers, especially as their brains and memories develope, the more chance their is that they may develope an underlying diaper or AB fetish later in life. When I was around 18 or so, you just didn;t see adult diapers in stores anyplace except for some old boxes of adult plastic pants on a dusty shelf in some old mom and pop drug stores or some bed pads. It's not like back in the 70's or early 80's there was a lot of products or oppertunities out there. Yes, now you have the internet and sources for diapers, plastic pants and internet AB/DL organizations getting it all out in the open. that also allows people to see that they are not alone in the fetish so people tend to be more open, at least when in a group like this one. It's possible that there were lots of AB/DL many years ago, it's just that without the internet, we never knew about them and they didn't know about everyone else with the fetish. Commercials on TV several times a day for incontinence products and the fact that incontinence is now talked about also makes more oppertunities for people. Back in the 60's and 70's people were probably into it but it wasn't like they just saw a product in the store or on TV or the internet like now days. All someone has to do is see a grandparent who uses Depends or walk down the incontinence aisle in a store and something may trigger them into wanting to try a diaper or pull up to see what it's like. Even commercials are getting people to "Try them" weather you need them or not. Also there were no Goodnites or Underjams back in the 60's and 70's. Now days it's easy for kids to even have something to wear to bed if they wet at night. Just so many more products and oppertunities now than 30 years ago may tend to increase the number of people wearing as kids, wearing for need and deciding they like it and becomming AB or DL.

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    As a DL that has finally come out on line, I too am amazed at how many others like me there are. How do I find local groups that meet? That would be interesting.

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